Monday, October 15, 2012

find your happy.

It has pretty much taken me until this moment to realize that Charley doesn't have school this week.  
I kept forgetting.
It means the first 6 weeks of school have passed.
His conference looms this afternoon :)
And the world keeps spinning.....

Our weekend was a fine mix of home and out and about.
We hit the town to score some mighty nifty winter ski jackets for the boys. 
Is it wrong to buy your child a gorgeous winter jacket and then deny him the privilege of wearing it because you don't want him to ruin it....defeats the purpose right?  That's where we are at here. 

We also did a Costco run as a family which is always an experience.
I got out to the mall for a bit.
And a walk with a good friend who I hadn't seen all week was a gift that I cherished.

Our basement got some attention.
I am that much more an expert on the Avengers after watching the movie this weekend. 
Love it.  I knew there was a reason I became a mom of two that I could realize the loveliness of Ironman's confident sass and Thor's lovely look and Captain America's classic superhero vibe and the Hulk's pure extremeness.  Love them all.
The boys have not seen any of these movies and after watching I am that much more glad we didn't make the leap.  Too intense for this house of boy. 

Syd is back to napping consistently. 
She just needed to get through the chaos of her finger and September and realize that Mama will win when it comes to sleep.  

The leaves are mostly down. 
The lawn needs to be raked/ mowed.
But today we will get Henry off to school where he will meet a dad of one of his classmates who is a real life Firefighter...I would say that today will be a top ten day for the kid. 

Syd and Charley will venture out to prep for Charley's birthday. 
Invites need to get out so that we have someone attend this shindig.

I am committing to a 4 mile race in two weeks.  I am pumped. 
This weekend I ran longer and farther without stopping than I have. EVER. 
It has been about 9 month since I started at the gym and the energy I feel for life in general is pretty consistently awesome.  Worth it.  

I have friends going through the flu bug thing and I am thinking of them and praying that it all moves faster through their house so they can feel human again.  THE Mama has it and I know Lynelle is going to rock this virus that has brought them all to the kneeling position over their lovely toilet.
And I am going to count my blessings that it hasn't taken over our abode....commode...either way you look at it.  Thankful and hopeful they are done soon!  

The sun is shining.
Charley is once again throwing a fit over a new shirt or pair of pants and it brings out this mama's snap.  And when I say snap I mean...the reaction from the gut that tends to be loud and fierce and then I realize that walking away might actually just work better.  And be more adult-like.

Is your household adjusting to this colder weather where the kids are playing tag, dodgeball, and football indoors....I know they adjust...they just haven't yet.  

Time to roll.
Hello Monday.

Find your happy.
It's there.  
And the other emotional stuff...not worth the energy today.  Find the happy.
Be the happy.

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Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

today is my birthday...
...i have easily found my happy!


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