Wednesday, October 17, 2012

moments of now.

Taking a moment to breathe in.

Capturing an image of today.

Embracing the season where we are at.

Realizing 2012 is the year for this image.
Next year will be different.

Enjoying it.  


Addler Daycare Crew said...
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shellycoulter said...

Love the silhouettes! :)

shellycoulter said...

Why will the picture look different next year? Just because they will be older? :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

beautiful. And even though it seemed like a short and simple post it was very profound and the heart from where it stemmed is genuine and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to enjoy the season of life we are in right now. At many times throughout this week and last week I have wished to speed up the season and to make time go faster. It is reminders from you and your post that help me to step back and be grateful of where we are now.

Anonymous said...

wow - great pics! Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the boys. Reminds me of Syd's slide one.

Crystal said...

I absolutely love the photos in this post - I really see your photography talent developing more and more all the time. Beautiful!


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