Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I will persevere

I look at the picture up above and want to cry. 
Those fingers.  They don't do their magic anymore. 
I think she weaned herself of them after her broken finger accident. 
Probably a good thing in the long run...thinking dentist bills in the future.
It is definitely healed enough for it to happen again.
And with the moving on from the finger sucking...
she has this stubborn idea that naps need to go too. 
But this mama has been working hard on keeping this napping thing going. 
I know that if we just let it be and ventured off to the zoo for this glorious afternoon...I would never reclaim it.  So we will keep putting her up there in hopes that on days like today...she finds sleep to win against the other shenanigans that she putters with up there.

YES.  I learned....don't type she is sleeping until you have verified it.  Yesterday I jinxed it.  

Looking at my blog lately you would probably say that this mama is pretty obsessed with naps lately.  Do you notice that about moms...there is usually some stage that their child/children are going through that weighs on their mind ALL. THE. TIME.  They are constantly trying to problem solve it.  Get advice.  Make it go away....fix it.  

For me the last three weeks have been about Syd's nap.

What are you focused on lately?  ....and by focus I mean...what are you trying to figure out with your kiddos or life.  What are you asking others about...reading about...pondering in the wee hours of the night.....


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Sibling rivalry/getting along. It's weighing on me HEAVILY. So strongly that I can't stop thinking about it. it's constant. I'm asking everyone for advice always. I wish they were gifted with peace and love and kindness with one another naturally..but worry that it's something I'm doing or not doing. Any advice?! haha.

The Tompkins Family said...

My focus is on Presley's scar. You could say I'm a bit obsessed with thinking how it will look in 1 month. In one year. In 5 years. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Potty training and 3 year old defiance. Also low breastmilk supply. And and and! Rr

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't need to apologize for obsessing about naps...given the title of my blog :)

THanks for the comments ladies. Maybe I can think about your ponderings instead of mine tomorrow :)


Ross Family said...

Sarah, I completely understand your focus on the nap thing. I have only one and I worry everyday that Izzy won't nap!! My focus is on how long she will nap!! The best are the 3 hour naps, which barely EVER happen!! But hey at least she naps a little right?? I am stessing on my new little climber. Within the past few days all of a sudden she is climbing onto anything and everything!! Praying Praying she doesn't hurt herself like poor Syd!! Halloween costumes! I am obessesed with finding the cutest one! Joey is annoyed!! And I am always trying to figure out a way to save us money!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking a lot about if Miss G will ever sleep through the night...

Anonymous said...

NAPS. She was back on track but then my work schedule changed and she got sick so now I put her in her room, put my ear plugs in and take a well deserved 3rd trimester nap for myself. Worst part is she always naps at daycare. Oh well. JG


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