Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Friday Morning overflows....

Happy Friday!

Instagram continues to be a favorite app on my phone.  Here are a few from the past week.

1.  Making wishes blowing dandelion seeds
2.  Stroller rides with Grace and Syd
3.  Syd is still sucking her fingers...
4.  Mama and daughter shadows
5.  shaving cream letter practice
6.  water table fun in September
7.  Football fan with her shades
8.  Tracing Henry and decorating himself!
9.  Our girl sleeping with her pup

Last night we had Charley's back to school night where we hear all the ins and outs of his classroom.  No kids attend.  I love it.  It makes me miss the classroom so much.  And I love that my teaching experience still goes right along with everything that is still taking place in the classroom...I am not old school yet with my experience.  There is hope for my return.   

Then Ed and I walked over to a near by establishment to catch a little of the Packer Game. 
GO PACK!  GO big plate of Nachos!

Returning home all three kiddos were sleeping.
And I was more than ready to settle in, but my mind was also swirling with all going on this school year so far.  I need to remember to fill out the after school chess club form for Charley.  I need to order his violin music book.  I need to order some pics to be printed at Target for Henry's school project due next week.  I need stamps BADLY so I can send mail we have had sitting here for 3 weeks!  

Today is our first FULL Friday of the school year.

The 9 o'clock hour in our household these days is busy. Especially on Fridays!
Miss Grace is definitely ready for her bottle and a nap by 9.
Henry starts school at 9:10.
Charley starts school at 9:15...dropping off anytime after 9:05.
And today Syd and I have our little class starting at 9:15. 
And how in the world will we do all this...we'll do it...just not exactly on time.

Here is my strategy for the morning...
I am up and showered early. 
We will attempt an early nap for Miss Grace in hopes it will help her get through our class.
And the boys and their school drops will be done with calmness, patience, and the reality - that rushing won't make anything go smoother.  Priority of course goes to the elementary child.  

And by the time 11:40 rolls around and this mama has Henry back in the car...we will be riding home to get two little girls down for what I am hoping will be GOOD, LONG, naps.  And we won't go anywhere else all. day. long.

Time for a coffee or two.   

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What's on your agenda for this big September weekend!?

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Danifred said...

I love these pictures! Sleeping Syd is just too, too cute.


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