Sunday, September 16, 2012

ho hum....just some pics and words....

 August ended with travel.  And our girl became a much better traveler as the summer progressed, thank goodness.  It has been a looooong time since we have had any out of town guests to our house.  This month feels so good to be settled in here at home.  Now we just wish someone would come visit soon!  It always motivates me to clean a little deeper :)  And don't you think this little one deserves a visitor!  

September weather in MN has us enjoying warm evenings running in big grassy fields waiting for big brother to finish his football practice.

But the temps also dip and fall jackets are needed some Saturday mornings while we cheer him on during games.

We have been baking muffins, cookies, granola bars and more.  
Syd and Henry sat and watched the oven while eating a cheese stick one day.  

While big brother is away Henry helps me organize our pantry and fill our mason jars with all our cooking and baking items.  What a helper.  **note paper funnels work slick!

Charley is off to a great start at school.  And the first week of school ended watching him march with the rest of his school around our neighborhood.  Here is the progression of him walking up and spotting us...obviously, we are hitting the stage where he might not be as thrilled to see me waving, jumping up and down, and getting right in his face for a picture.  JUST. KIDDING.  I wasn't jumping up and down...but waving and shouting "YAY Charley!" may have happened.

 Miss Syd loves sitting or standing at the kitchen table puttering with things. The days are full.  

 And I am so enjoying the start to the 2012-2013 school year.  
We are starting to feel our rhythm.  

Happy Monday!

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