Friday, September 14, 2012

Links I Love

How to get your kid to be a fanatic reader...NEVER hurts to be reminded of some ways to motivate or inspire kids to read more.

Why rushing doesn't "save" time....Loved this!  Just what I needed to read this week.

Trickle Down Motherese....Agreed!  Early bedtime is always a goal (10 for me)

"....On the days  I close my book and turn off the light at 11, I get enough sleep.
On the days I get enough sleep, I wake up before my daughter calls.
On the days I wake up before my daughter calls, I feel less rushed.
On the days I feel less rushed, I take the time to eat a healthy breakfast (instead of, say, two chocolate chip cookies and a Coke Zero)."

Why I love being a Mom ... great is a snippet

"Mothers, we get all up in arms when we sense that society is belittling us, making our choice to be with our children trivial and insignificant, and portraying motherhood as a mindless career full of nose-wiping, potty-training and crust-cutting. It angers us when we are demeaned and looked down upon as mothers. But what are we doing about it?

When was the last time that you took a stand for motherhood?

When someone says, “are they all yours?” do you smile and say “yes, I am so blessed” and really mean it? When a full-time career woman with no children wonders aloud how you can handle being home with your young children all day, are you quick to tell her that you can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling and that you love spending your days with your kids?
I’m not a particularly emotionally-expressive person. My husband sometimes has a hard time knowing when I am especially happy, or enjoying myself. He knows I feel it on the inside and think it in my head and sometimes I express it in simple words, but he occasionally reminds me that I also need to “tell my face”.
Perhaps we need to “tell our face” that we love being a mom."

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