Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kid Activity: Letter practice and a little scooter action

The start of the school year has Henry and I working hard on our letters and numbers. He is pretty into it so I am going with that momentum right now and trying to keep things fun. He has also been zipping around on his scooter. So he and I worked on our weekly driveway road and this time I added some errands to his route.

I listed letters and numbers throughout his course. 
I called out letters and numbers and he had to go find them.

Now don't be too impressed with the idea of me bending over drawing that looooong road.
I used this nifty tool that a neighbor had for a year or two (It says $25 now but I swear I got it for less than $15!) ...and I finally found on


And this one comes up too...but this one looks like roads are the key thing you can do with it.  Where the one we had allows more options of what you can make with it.

The possibilities are endless with this activity.  Older kids could spell their spelling words or practice their math facts.  Littler kids could find colors or shapes.  

Changing up letter and number practice makes learning fun for everyone!  
And a little fresh fall air gives everyone a little boost in their moods too.


Anonymous said...

Wish we had a big driveway like u! Fun....such good idea. Rr

Beth said...


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Just saw one of these and thought it looked neat and wished I would have had it when Hayden was little. Still might have to pick it up. Seriously, I found it probably 5 days ago while looking online, scares me sometimes like you are inside my head, ha!


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