Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today I was a dirty girl!

My kind of fun...

Vacuuming with a Dyson and seeing all the dirt you had taking up residency in your home.
Mowing the lawn when it REALLY needs to be mowed.
Filling the fridge with fresh groceries when it is REALLY bare.
And showering off after you area actually REALLY dirty.

Ed woke up saying, "Are you excited.  It's a big day."  
I know he was excited for me. 
And that means the world. 

I signed up for this and have thought about it often but it didn't seem all that real until we were standing at the start line.  And I realized...we were going to get dirty. 

Signing up for this kind of event is more about fun, spirit, accomplishment, challenging yourself, and conquering fears.  It isn't just a running race where you are timed and trying to go faster.  This was on a ski all up hill and then all downhill.  

We did have to wait in line at the obstacles, which did break our momentum a tad, but it also allowed us to watch gals get stuck scaling a wall but dig deep within themselves, along with some encouragement from their teammates and the rest of us, to get down from heights that were hard.  

There was cheering and laughing.
Slipping and sliding. 
I was nervous for my knee with the slick mud and running, but we did get a jog in there many moments of the race.  

There were different ways you could challenge yourself or take things to your own level or pass up obstacles. 
I can proudly say that I conquered every obstacle at it's greatest degree, I think.  
I got down on my belly, climbed the highest wall, and got myself under and over many challenges. 

Would I do it again?  For sure! 
Do you need to worry about getting hurt?  I don't think so.  
I knew my limits and I knew to take it easy with the running on the slick paths. 
My friend who has asthma conquered the whole thing by knowing her limits. 
As long as you go into it not wanting to conquer it fast and furious - you will thrive and find that more than anything, it isn't just your body that gets a workout.  
But your soul too.  

Here are a few pictures...
It was really hard to be on this journey and not have control of the camera.  
There were so many moments I wanted to capture.
Ed and the kids could not really get on the course since it wound up and down the ski hill. 
But they were there and were cheering. 
I also am now very aware that I need to get my haircut again and maybe not worry so much about wearing a more fitted shirt...geez, the shirt I am in reminds me of the stage I went through back in the day when everyone wore things HUGE.  Or maybe it just was too much of a class t-shirt, because everyone else had much cuter tops.  haha.  






jessica said...

So fun! Loved reading about your Mud Run!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thought of you today! Looks like you had a blast. Hope you get some good, well-deserved sleep tonight. :)


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

What a fun race. I would love to do something like that in the future. We have a mud run up here during the late spring and I thought about running it. I may just have to sign up for it seeing how much fun it is to get dirty.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love it, love reading about it and seeing it.
And this is totally out of contex but I couldn't figure out why some of the pictures of you reminded me of something else. Then I realized, it is Charley, I see you in Charley, completely. It is the eyes that draw me in to see it. Had to share.

Shell said...

These always seem like they would be such fun!


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