Monday, August 6, 2012

weekend moments

Summer moments are passing fast...

The farmer's market has felt out of reach this summer.  I haven't spent extra time finding one open during the week but we finally made it to the town one on Sunday and I bought up 5 dozen ears of corn from a farmer and she struck us a deal...seeing our passion for the stuff.

I went in and out of the house working on cooking. blanching, cutting it off, and bagging it in 2 cup portions.  Our freezer is stocked so far with at least 20 baggies.  Heavenly in the middle of winter.
I felt like a squirrel stocking up for winter.

The temps were just perfect this weekend and we played outside non-stop.  
Anytime someone walks by with a dog or the people across the street have their dog out....Sydney makes this face!  And then she typically crouches down and squeals.  She is an animal lover.  

Soon our summer will turn into fall and Charley will head back to school and these two will keep each other company like best pals.  Crazy how fast this month is going.

We woke up  Saturday morning and were surprised to find a tree down in our yard. 
So Ed got a hold of a buddy's chain saw...and the rest is history.  

Nothing can come between a man and his chainsaw work...

When I came out to check in with him I couldn't tell who had won...the chainsaw or the man.

But I did locate my man. 

It was a lot of tree to lose along our fence line...sadly, many of our trees are not long term trees.  We just had to take a few down and they block the sound from the road next door.  So we do have the goal of planting a few trees to replace the ones we have lost...but it will be many years before they would ever be substantial.  We are just glad that the tree that came down was manageable and didn't hit our house or cars.  

Summer weekends where we aren't travelling on big adventures are always a welcomed treat.  
The yard can always use a little extra TLC this time of year.
Funny how you have extra time to catch up on house stuff and a new task, like a tree down, will show up to take up a majority of your weekend work time.
The kids can be reminded that neighborhood friends and boredom can inspire down home summer fun with sandboxes and water shooters.
Our freezer thrives when we get the corn and today pesto stocked up.   
And come the evening we are all ready to crash by 9pm.  

It's Monday...3 mile run -done.  Two cups of coffee - done.  Run to Target - soon! 
I have a lot on my to do list today...But I will celebrate if I can get three things checked off.  



jessica said...

Love the picture of Syd when she sees a dog! The pictures of Ed are fun too!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

That picture of Sydney is adorable:) Love the ruffles and that face. She should come over to our house in the month of August, we will have 4 dogs here.


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