Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hear me roar!

today...I will conquer my 2 fierce move of my 36th year.

week 1 - Fierce move 1...water skiing!
week 2 - Fierce move 2... Dirty Girl Mud Run

I am not planning on a fierce move every week.  Just worked out pretty cool for the first two weeks!

And I am doing it with two friends that I am excited to have by my side.

One is a mama friend who inspires me to get out and do things.  She is the one who got this whole thing on our calendars.  She is always on the go and finding all the fun things to do with her kids.  And like me, she wants to show her two boys and little girl that she is a strong women who can conquer this.

The other is a friend who came into my life because of Ed.  She is the wife of of one of Ed's best high school buddies.  I would consider her a college friend because that is when I met her and began hanging out.  But it was the years of getting married and having babies that we grew into lifelong friends.  She always inspires me to think of healthy choices in life.  And is always up for a good time and challenge.

Two women who I hope to laugh with today.  Who I hope will enjoy the adventure.  Let's go ladies!

10:30 - Send me your "I am woman hear me roar" vibes!

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