Friday, August 24, 2012

Links I Love - back to school thoughts

The Talk by Momastery - Simply amazing

Clean Slate  ..... A message that I always kept in mind as a teacher.  When I got my class list it took a lot of self control to not go to the teachers from the year before and ask them about my class list.  I made sure not to do this.  I wanted to get to know each child with my own head and heart.  I wanted to give them the gift of a clean slate...because a lot can change over the summer.  I am a different person than the teacher the year before and as human beings we will all jive differently.  I will not hesitate to admit that I did go to past teachers and ask about the parents.  NOW that I wanted a heads up on.   

Back to school transitions....all good things to keep in mind.

Back to School, a teacher's perspective....all good thoughts.

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jessica said...

Thanks for posting the links Sarah. I enjoyed each of them. I will be sharing Momastery's letter with Sophie, Abby and Charley. I also love the clean slate!


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