Thursday, August 23, 2012


It is darker out this morning. There may or may not be rain in our forecast. We have somewhere to be at 9:30 and that means three things..

1. I have a sudden urge to clean out every kitchen cabinet instead of making breakfast for my kiddos.

2. The boys sleep until a lovely 7:30 am which allows for me to do this since one of the cupboards was jam packed with baby bottles and Sydney is in heaven pulling them out and smattering them around the house. One step forward....100 steps back for a mama cleaning.

3. About 9:15 I will be in a sudden panic with no bag packed, no snacks packed, I will still be bra-less and in my pjs...and will want to cry that I have to break my rhythm.

But since I am typing this I will get my hinder out of this chair and...

a. pour each kid a bowl of Cheerios which will ultimately cause tears of protest because they really want pancakes, waffles, or french toast.

b. shower

c. and try and find outfits for the kids since their laundry is on the to do list today.

The boys have been asked to a friends for a mid-day playdate and normally this would be a heavenly opportunity. However, with the end of summer fast approaching I am feeling sad to let them go. But let's get serious, Syd will be napping and I can get something done without hushing them and trying to keep them busy. So I need to let go of this and relish the hour or two I am gifted.

Yesterday afternoon it rained and the boys had a late lunch after lots of snacks at our morning outing to the pool. I was trying to put laundry away and they were hungry so I told Charley he could make his own ham sandwich. Both boys assembled decent looking sandwiches and wanted to make more food all by themselves. I didn't have the energy to figure out that...

but I did find that I had all the ingredients to make cream puffs. And so the three of us dove into the process of making chocolate mousse. We popped some mysterious dough into the oven in tsp. sized droplets and hoped they did what they were supposed to. AND THEY DID. And they tasted delish. I will make these AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN.

So I suppose by the boys leaving for a bit today I might actually get a cupboard cleaned out and I will save myself from baking up another high calorie yummy treat using heavy whipping cream.

This is our last Thursday of summer at home. Next Thursday we have plans outside of our city limits. So we best get our rumps dressed so we can enjoy this day to the max.
Both feet jumping into the puddles that might appear today.

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I am having one of those mornings too. We are supposed to be checking into a campsite this afternoon to spend the weekend with Dan's brother and his family and his parents. I haven't packed a single thing yet! I am going to feel like crying later too.


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