Sunday, August 26, 2012

More from our kitchen

On our bucket list from last year and this year was to attempt rainbow pudding pops...I can't even remember the original blog I saw them was soooo long ago. But we finally conquered them.

Rainbow pudding pops...

1 lg. box of vanilla pudding
divide into bowls and let the kids add food coloring to make the colors they choose.

Spoon layers of pudding into paper cups and stick a Popsicle stick half way down.
Stick into freezer until they are frozen.

LESSON:  We used normal sized paper time I would definitely use Dixie cups!  These were WAY too big!  


Anonymous said...

Yum I want one! Eli asked what they were...project for us! Rr

Anonymous said...

Too big? Says the mom... ;)

Crystal said...

Those look so yummy - will definitely have to try those!


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