Thursday, August 2, 2012

is this really the fourth post for today.

This morning we got to go to a park with some of Henry's friends...Syd's too. They are ECFE class friends. Henry was excited to see his buddy Henry. I was excited to catch up with the mama's...unfortunately, places where there are water are just not the ideal place for me to sit and chat...since Sydney needs an eye on her at all times. I end up coming home aware of topics that were talked about but not sure who went where on vacation or what was mentioned...and then I worry that I may have looked or seemed disinterested...when in reality...having an 18 month old means you are lucky if you see anything but her cute little face.

Sometimes I nail it with my camera.  Look at these two of our little friend.  

We left the house a mess.
We pushed nap back a good hour...which is biting me in the butt since Syd is already awake after only an hour. 
And the rest of the day will be slow with the goal of getting through with the least amount of tears from both the mama and the kids.

Love these three.
Love seeing friends we don't see often.
And LOVED this park so much. 
We'll be back again soon! 

P.S.  I know I have been posting a TON.  But I have finally found a rhythm with downloading and posting.  And I know if I don't do it right away it will back up and I will get too far behind.  So try and keep up.  I dare you!   I know my brother is shaking his head...because he knows I should be spacing them out more strategically.  Sorry Greg. 


Kelly said...

I can't believe how much Syd looks like your mother!!!! On the posting....I'm with Greg. ;) I've had the unfortunate experience that when you post a lot in one day I only see the latest one and miss the rest and find out weeks or even months later. I like to read them all!! :)[Unlike me who spaces my posts out weekly and even monthly. Who am I to talk?!]

Anonymous said...

love the shot of syd bending over and her feet! what a fun park. love the shot of syd and charley too-those are the "eyes" i was talking about in one of my previous comments. RR


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