Tuesday, July 31, 2012

rambles...have you missed me...

Alrighty, tomorrow is August 1st.  August.  What the heck is that all about? 
This summer is flying by and it stresses me out.
A few people have asked if I am ready for school to start...and 98% of the time I can answer confidently NO.  I am loving our summer.  I love our slow mornings.  I am loving our summer adventures.  I am loving the relaxed bedtime, no homework responsibilities, and more. 

I do crave the fall temperatures, the windows open, outside play that doesn't cause sweating, and routine.  The routine of a weekly grocery shop, meal times that happen naturally, each day has a look to it that repeats weekly, and it is easier to make going to the gym and getting the house cleaned because everything has it's place just a wee bit more scheduled. 

However,  I am not ready for all of that just yet.  
August has very little scheduled for us.  I purposefully left it clear of camps and things.  I wanted us to be able to burn out on the spur of the moment lazy summer days.  I wanted to overdose on the pool and the Popsicles.  I wanted to schedule a last minute trip north to make pickles when it felt right.  I wanted to embrace this summer of having an 18 month old who goes goes goes, a four year old who soaks every second of this time with his brother, and a 7 year old who can now say "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."  

We arrived home from the cabin, where I feel out of control when it comes to the dirt and grime.  There is just no controlling it there.  Every year when I arrive home I have this urge to purge, clean, and organize.  So I have attacked Sydney's bedroom and a few kitchen cupboards.  As I get the laundry caught up, because every single thing has to be washed ...the cabin stench is absorbed into everything, I find myself wanting to redecorate, paint, or accomplish some house fixing up task. 

Our summer bucket list is long and I have to admit that one night I got all crabby and stressed that we weren't conquering much on it.  Ed asked, "Why do you do that list? "  It worked so well last summer to motivate me to get things done.  This just proves that what works for your tribe one summer might not work the next.  So we are still checking things off but I am letting the pressure go to get it all done.  

I have been working out since the end of January and even though I am fitting into clothes nicely, I haven't lost much weight.  I know it isn't about numbers.  And I am feeling great.  I enjoy it.  But don't we all fixate on the number.  And a little scale change would motivate this mama to keep it up.  I really am a happier mama when I get there and sweat.  So I will keep on keepin'.

 My sister and Eli.

The Olympics are being enjoyed in our household.  Starting them at the cottage with my sister helped me get hooked.  She gets pretty into them.  The boys are thrilled watching many sports that they don't normally get to witness.  Last night they lucked out and got to watch until 9pm (hence, not being ready for school to start just yet).  I figure this is such a rare occurrence and there is so much to absorb and take in with the Olympics...whether it be sports, fitness, world and country spirit, and soooo much more.  Unfortunately, up until 9pm doesn't mean they sleep in...so I have already snapped that there are no Olympics tonight because the moods are slightly tense here today.  

August is a month of spur of the moment plans.  
A late afternoon pool outing yesterday with friends...
A decision to hit a local sprinkler park and getting my tribe packed up to go in 45 minutes, and enjoying a 'just us' outing. 
It is a month to think out the school year ahead and what routines and goals our family will have as we venture into new ages and stages. 
It is a month to ponder the best way to organize the Tupperware drawer, train the boys to clean their room and wipe down the bathroom counter, and catch a few more rays of the sun.  
July-- you came and we conquered.  
August, we are ready and we will not let you rush us. 
August will trickle by and wash over us so that we are ready for a fresh clean slate come September.

Also feeling blah and down about my blogging. 
Are you missing anything, any words of inspiration...fitting it in but nothing is flowing easy. Feel like I have lost my voice.   Makes me sad. 


Barb said...

You HAVE NOT lost your voice at all! And your photos are a joy.

katie mattis sarver said...

Love these posts! Your voice is heard through these images!

Anonymous said...

I'm many your parenting advice and inspiration. I always like how you realize or have epiphanies or goals you have set and the importance etc.i love your recipes too. And your rumblings. Your not me Monday's! Haha rr

MOMOF2 said...

What splash park is this? Looks fun!! Needing to cross off more of our bucket list here. Let's cross off something together ( : happy Wednesday!!!


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