Tuesday, July 31, 2012

up north water moments

 Once again daddy took on the role of spotter. 
But this time it wasn't to spot me skiing...
rather we hooked up this $7.00 garage sale find behind the resort motor boat (kept it much less intimidating) 

 and CHARLEY hopped on with a little patient prompting from Mr. Paul. 
And down the shore line he rode. 
He worked his arm muscles and his smiling muscles. 
Everyone was so proud of him.

Way to go Charley!

And then Grandpa was feeling daring...

And he too hopped on!  
And laughed!

And then there were games of 500 going on...kind of intense.  
My sister and I played hard...but when I was in the water I couldn't take pictures.  
So I will have to see if my mom's camera or my sisters have any fun ones showing my fierce moves. 
Love these shots!  

Just like most lakes in these parts...we have witnessed many friends and family get the "duck poop itch" from this lake and it was up there...rumor had it.  But this year we invested in some serious goop that we applied to the kids.  I just applied sunscreen.  And no one got any.  Yipee! 

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Anonymous said...

Glad nobody commented. Maybe they didn't see me in my suit. Haha. Ur what fun it was! Rr


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