Wednesday, August 1, 2012

our morning...

It is once again dark when I get up to workout in the morning.

For awhile the sun was rising when I left at 5:15 am. 
Now it is dark again.  And that motivates me to feel like I am accomplishing bigger things before the rest of the world rises. 

Returning home my three are huddled around daddy reading one of Sydney's board books. 
Sydney quickly moves her attention to me.
Wanting her smoothie as fast as I can get it to her.
And then she just wants to have at least one hand holding onto my shirt.  I am like her blankie. 
So I settle on the couch and let her have her moment.

The boys take their Star Wars ships up to their bedroom and for 30 minutes I just hear quiet busy up there. 
Before I will attempt pancakes and sausage I call the boys to come empty the dishwasher and they come running.  So proud of this chore hand off.  One of my great mothering successes. haha.
There is a busy-ness in the kitchen while all three help and I keep up moving dishes from the counters to the dishes resting places.  

The boys return to playing and Syd settles into her seat to take apart a puzzle and nibble raspberries while she waits. 
Pancakes, buttermilk today, lucky.  I mash a few giant blackberries to a pulp and mix them in to half the batch.  

Pancakes get devoured.
The kitchen gets tidied up.  And by 8:30 I can sigh and hope that it stays clean until the lunch rush. 
I settle in to check my email and the rest all pour over the Lego catalog that arrived a week ago.  The boys have been plotting what they are saving their money for.  It is driving me a little insane, all the money talk, but it is also interesting to see how they rationalize what item they are going to save for ...changing their minds every 10 minutes.  I suppose it is like me when my favorite catalogues arrive in the mail.  

Today it will be hot and daddy would like us to get a little weeding done.  Our yard is looking rough.  I am sure the neighbors are not thrilled with us.  But the lack of rain has our grass frying so we hate to cut it and don't need to as often...but it makes for a very rugged look.  And all our flower gardens are over grown with weeds.  So after one cartoon we will head outside to pull a few before it is too hot.  I told the boys they could earn a quarter for every 15 minutes of work.  Maybe they will get a raise...we'll see how hot it is and how hard they work.  

Mama needs to get her hands on two white t-shirts to be tye dyed for the big race I am participating in this weekend.  I am getting both excited and nervous.  It is my next fierce move.  

Today I have the goal of patience and attention.  I want to give the boys some attention ...checking off a few home bucket list items.  Lately, I realize how they play and dance and talk to themselves as they imagine little worlds, and it is so darn precious.  Before long Mr. Charley will be past some of this kind of play and it makes my heart thud hard...They are each such pure joy.  But since they busy themselves so much I find the days pass and I haven't had to do much entertaining.  Which is a good thing, but I want to relish these summers where they will gather around me at the kitchen table in awe of some silly idea I came up with for 20 minutes of fun. 

It is Wednesday. 
Let's make it wonderful.

Question for you:  I need to make breakfast a priority.  I am terrible.
What do you eat for breakfast... not your kids...YOU!


Anonymous said...

On work days I almost always have a bowl of frosted mini wheats. They keep me full till lunch time with no snacking. Unless I sleep in and then I have pop tarts at my desk.

Your pancakes look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Usually cereal or eggs and toast. Good luck this weekend. Is someone going to take pictures? Rr

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I eat cereal, dry. And then maybe a bananna mid morning if that hasn't held me.

Our yard could use some weed pulling as well, it is that time of year when our yard takes a turn for the not great. But i refuse to waste a ton of money watering the heck out of our large yard.

I am thankful I made it through today.

The Tompkins Family said...

I have a protein shake before working out and then breakfast after my workout and shower. I either have oatmeal or toast with eggs...definitely need some protein after a good workout!

Danifred said...

I am awful, awful at eating breakfast. Coffee is always first, and eventually I'll have a bagel or waffle or bread with peanut butter.


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