Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We are on vacation...that means when we eat out we are sitting at long tables with 15 fun people, waiting 2 hours for our food, but enjoying every second...minus the moments when the kiddos whine. 

The internet is spotty around these parts and yesterday I didn't have my phone with me for most of the day.   And it kind of felt liberating.  But I was soaking up moments like these...

I ran yesterday morning with my sister and Ed.  I think Ed wanted to make sure we survived...he hasn't run in years...he kept up most of the way :)  He ran right behind us with his shades on...I felt like a rock star with a body guard following behind.  

I ran this morning with just my sister.  I have never exercised up here.  And it really is a nice way to start the day....that and sitting at a picnic table, lakeside, blogging.  Bliss.

Syd napped like a rockstar yesterday morning but not so much in the afternoon.
The heat was incredible the first night and I seriously, wanted to go home before we even started our day yesterday.  But last night -- so much better..
We are enjoying friends and a cooler day today....maybe.  

Life is good.  
Will try and post again this week...but if not...well...we're on vacation, and anything goes. 

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