Tuesday, July 24, 2012

36 will be my year to be fierce

And today I conquered my first fierce move!
It has probably been more than 20 years (three children have come into my life) ...but today I attempted to water ski.

It took me 4 tries.
Then I stated that I would try one last time.

And up I went.
My spotter, Ed, witnessed a smile on my face as I made a nice lap around our side of the lake.
Determined to pass the dock where my cheering session sat.

And then not only did I ski...but I waved! 
And I squealed PLENTY.

Here I am whooping it up as I try to make a graceful entry back into the lake...
You'll have to imagine my graceful re-entry. 

So far so good...
I am still walking, 
lifting Sydney up,
We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

My 36th year of life...will be fierce. 
Bring it!


jessica said...

Love it!

MOMOF2 said...

Way to go!!!!! You are awesome!!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

yay Sarah. I have never water skied before. I have wake boarded once and that didn't last very long. Great job!

Liz said...

LOVE this. So sad we're not there to help kick off this clearly wild year. Love that you and Raina have been running. This means we'll have to plan another 5k together...=) Hi to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly the squeal you are referring to. Love it!

Danifred said...

You totally made me smile! Awesome job Mama.


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