Friday, July 20, 2012

I know...

Being married to Ed for ten years means...

-I  have been blessed with three little people who looked just like him from day one.

-I have learned to like, appreciate, and cook with venison.
-I have craved Trinko's sausage 
-I have made too many french silk pies.

-I miss the old Patsy's Bar. 
-I crave sushi and have made it at our house a time or two.
-I enjoy a good Bloody Mary.

-I know that house projects take time, sometimes too much time,
but they are done with precision and skill.
-I like a glass of red wine.
-I know that the show Scrubs and Seinfeld will ALWAYS make my husband laugh.

-I might actually spend more time in his home town than he does.
-His high school friends almost feel like my high school friends.
-I appreciate the Packers, brats, and good buns...
all things my parents tried to instill in me, but I wasn't ready.

-We have new traditions that our children remember from year to year.
-When I think of a Great Lake, it is Superior that comes to mind first now.

-I can usually tell in my gut when he is going to run late in the evening.
-I have gotten 5 days a week x 52 weeks x 10 years of kisses good bye each morning.
-I know someday he dreams of a family ski trip and I am trying my
 hardest to strengthen my knee and courage.

-I am friends with his hometown grocery store on face book and
drool over their daily lunch menu postings.
-I sleep better when he is home.
-I know if friends are moving or renovating and need help he is there.
-I know how to play and can now say that Canasta is my favorite card game.

-I hope to be there for his mom's pirogi dinner at Christmas and her dumplings at Thanksgiving.
-I miss him during the day.
-I can see how happy he is when he is going to see his friends or is hanging out with them.
-I have come to terms with the boys doing up north type things like hunting and snow mobile riding.

-I know he is willing to try reading books I recommend like Harry Potter, that Sunday's when the Packer games are televised are sacred, and he will devote many hours to the Tour de France every summer.

-I still call him too much at work for no reason, but now I don't expect him to answer.
-I know that I just need to go get him new shoes or shirts if he needs them.
-I know he works hard and is well respected at his job.
-He has loved me through short hair and longer hair and everything in between.  And I have loved him cleanly shaven or  bearded.

-I know some of his quirky sayings and smile when they roll off my tongue or the kids use them.  "An elephant for a nickel is only a good deal if you need an elephant and have a nickel."
-I know his looks of concern, annoyance, pride, and happiness.
-I know he will be there for the kids doctor appointments...whether it is the 10 minute pregnancy check appointments, a major surgery, or their yearly well checks.

But mostly, I know that in the last ten years as we have moved, bought vehicles, worked, had me stay home, vacationed, celebrated holidays, tried knitting, canning, photography, blogging, and working out, latte making, composting, house projects and OH! had 3 children...I know that I have had the greatest guy cheering me on, believing in me, listening to my sometimes paranoid or anxious worries, and helping make so many of these dreams come true.  Life is such a gift and when you can share it with someone who takes you seriously, even when you don't always believe in yourself...well, that is a blessed life.

Ten years.   Check.
Ten more years....most definitely.
Can't wait. 


Barb said...

WOW! Wonderful words shared from your heart. Happy 10th.

The Tompkins Family said...

What a beautiful tribute. Congrats on 10 wonderful years!

jessica said...

I know this is one of the most heartfelt blog entries I have every read. Happy Anniversary!

Danifred said...

Happy belated anniversary!


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