Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not for another 105 years....

 Small talk while our littles do their swimming lesson thing...
opens doors for Charley who has been studying the solar system at school.

And it won't happen for 105 more years!
And we saw it.
Thanks to our friend Amy!

Like me, she isn't actively teaching a class of students these days...her specialty was science!
But that doesn't stop her from letting her enthusiasm for learning spill into her mothering career. 
She had two different set ups to witness the action yesterday.

And a crew of kids gathered and could point out the spot that was Venus.

Charley is still talking about what he saw.
And of course he has to keep telling me that he will be dead the next time it happens.
"Yes, Charley, that is true...but must we focus on that fact."

As a woman who isn't currently using my college teaching degree and Master's degree that I worked hard to earn.  It makes me really happy when other women who have put their amazing talents on hold to raise their kids, are able to show off those talents that our children don't always realize we have.  

I can tell Amy's love of science comes through during her mothering....seriously, she showed up to my house one day with one of her kids lugging this enormous bug into our house. 

We thought it was a cockroach at first but later found out it was actually this.  Not every mom would stop on their walk and collect this two inch long water beetle.  (for sure not me!  Because if I remember correctly I immediately demanded her child exit the house!).  hahaha! 

Summer is about to kick off and I love that my mama circle has grown to include Amy.  I hope we can have a summer adventure (that doesn't include tentacles). 


Stacey said...

What an exciting learning experience and memory for your kids!

jessica said...

Yes, Amy is a rockstar! My kids were so excited to tell Chip about it this morning!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Looks like a great time and experience for the kids:)

Amy said...

Thanks, Sarah! That WAS fun! I am so glad you all stopped by for a few minutes. I'll handle science experiments and explorations and you can handle all those things you're so good at--educational games and activities, "structuring" your days and more. I've so enjoyed the times lately and look forward to many more!



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