Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Count down to summer - Links I love (Wednesday)...and a little rambling

This mom's blog features her challenge to play with her children for 30 minutes, full attention, for thirty days. She has some great resources for simple little fun things to do with her kiddos. I found her link through this post where she too lists some at home fun that you can do with your kiddos without a lot of planning or preparation.

This link shares a few apps that look both fun and educational.  Though I always strive to keep screen time to a minimum...I do know our summer days when we don't go anywhere can sometimes be long and sometimes this mama likes to just have the boys rest their bodies. 

And you can always count on Scary Mommy for some obvious and not so obvious reminders on parenting.  Here she lists 50 quick lessons in parenting young children.  Chuckle.


This morning I am enjoying the fact that all three of my kids have been coloring for the last hour.  Sydney isn't actually coloring but rather retrieving paper and markers and depositing them in many random spots around the house. 

The dishwasher has been unloaded, reloaded, and is running.  The washing machine is on load one and I still haven't figured out a way to dry all the items that will be coming out of there in the next 30 minutes.  But we'll figure it out.  I am betting that by next Tuesday our neighbors will be happy that the repair man is pulling up.  Since the laundry that will be hanging from random bushes, branches, and posts about our yard will be unique to their yard decorating style.

Need creamer.  Target doesn't carry my brand at the moment and it is really irking me.  I HATE that about the store.  They take certain things off their shelf for chunks of time and then all of a sudden they return. 

I need to get on top of the mission of shoes, shirts, and pants for the boys and the upcoming wedding.  And Miss Sydney needs some little sandals for this event too.  Not sure if today is the day but I am realizing that after Thursday it will be three kids heading to the mall with me instead of just two. 

I am dressed to walk but not sure if the stroller will venture any farther than the school.  Syd was up early again so we might just return home for a little water table action, creamer errands, and then an early nap. 

Sydney has a playdate today.  I hope she is awake for it. 

Does anyone else look forward to their cup of coffee...and then find that it is cold before you finish and have to reheat it like 6 times before you ultimately pour it out and decide that coffee just wasn't in the cards today.  I have reheated my first cup 3 times so far.  Lovely.

 ......Realize that today is a gift and that your attitude is the wind that pushes your family's sailboat....will it be fierce, steady, or a tornado.  Be the wind you desire. 



jessica said...

I love that challenge! Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

I love it too!! Eric asked the kids if they had fun yesterday, and I answered no for them. We ran errands, we picked up, we did not have fun. Tomorrow-- we have fun. Pool, water balloons, popsicles, picnic. We will have fun!! ~ AK


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