Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Sayin'

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Tonight we celebrated the letter P. I made pasta with pesto and a side of pears. And then Sydney puked on herself (well, more like spit up).  It was after her bath. Just sayin'

When daddy is away we tend to succumb to simple pasta meals. Night three of pasta. Just sayin'

I bathed Sydney before heading to the friends to witness Venus passing by the sun. However, I got the kids in the car 5 minutes early and ran in to grab my keys and stood and inhaled two handfuls of m&m's...and relished the quiet. Just sayin'

I cleaned out my pantry this afternoon. However, while moving popcorn from a bag into a mason jar for better storage it spilled all over the kitchen floor. Sydney was intrigued...I was annoyed. This happened while prepping dinner, Just sayin'

It has been over a week since the boys have gone to bed at their normal time, in a calm manner. I know they can sense my anxious, get'er done attitude. But man alive, these last couple days of school wipe this mama out. So tonight they were tucked in at 6:50 and fate handed me a free Sparkle Story...and I can confidently say, as I am typing this while gritting my teeth, that Henry is still up... just sayin'

I am missing my early morning gym time.  However, I am trying to relish the precious mother daughter time I am having with just Miss Sydney.  We are going on one week of early 5 am rising.  This time is so precious....just sayin'

Henry is all done with his first year of preschool.  He is ready for summer.  I relished my last morning where Charley was at school, Henry was at school, and Sydney napped.  The time went fast, just sayin'

Our tomato plants are looking a little limp, our raspberry bushes are starting to take off finally, and the front walk flowers are being watered by Miss Sydney.  Finding things that keep Sydney busy, in a safe way, in one area, in the shade, outside...my challenge for the summer.  And if I can lounge in a chair for part of the time, woo hoo!  Just sayin'

cute dress for my brother's wedding.  check. 
fitted.  check.
tan lines. ugh.  just sayin'

Our clothes dryer crapped out on Sunday afternoon.  We called because it is still under the warranty.  Today they came to fix it.  They have to order a part.  Next Tuesday they will come to fix it.  Kicking off summer without a clothes dryer, awesome.  Just sayin'  (Note, I understand that some people line dry or air dry their clothes.  All the power to you.  I also know that a dryer is a luxury that I am lucky to have.  I just know that everyone has their laundry system, and rarely does their laundry system succeed...even when it is considered their laundry routine.  So to not have a major piece to my  so called laundry routine...let's just say...I am feeling anxious.)

I am tired.  I hate feeling like summer is starting with me hanging on to my patience by the skin of my teeth.  Just sayin'

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Crystal said...

I chuckled as I read about running in for the keys and inhaling the M&M's in the quiet - I do that all the time!!


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