Wednesday, June 6, 2012

big day for this mama of a girl...

we attempted piggy tails!


fast and furious!

without a comb

but dang were they cute!

and then we had to invite her boyfriend over and I tried to pose them in the chair...

neither wanted anything to do with that.

both wanted their space as fast as possible

once all was clear...
our man Oscar reclaimed the chair with a smile.

today has been good.
how about you?


Lynelle said...

Love it! Thanks for watching him and glad it went so well!

Crystal said...

So cute! My daughter FINALLY let me start putting her hair up in ponytails and pigtails last week. She is almost 4! When she was too young to make a stink about it, she didn't have enough hair :) Then she was convinced it would hurt. I finally got her to agree because she is starting ballet class and I explained that ballerinas aren't allowed to have hair in their face ;)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Adorable! She looks so different with pigtails, more like a little lady instead of baby Sydney that I see when I look at her. I love pigtails, good job mama!


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