Thursday, June 7, 2012

Countdown to summer: Links I Love (Thursday) and today's ramblings

I am always looking for easy and COOL at home art projects and this one looks like a winner.  Obviously, your kiddos need to be a little older.  But, I think Henry could do this.
Melted Crayon the Artful Parent

Use Your Camera to Capture Summer....from Meg Duerksen at Whatever....some really quick reminders on using your camera this summer.

I think I am going to promise myself to get my kids school/life keepsakes organized this summer.  This idea seems like a slick one (a file box for each kiddo with folders for each school year).  

Sadly, we found the start of this little bird nest laying in our yard.

The school year officially comes to an end today.
And though I am having a hard time with the idea of having a second grade son...
I can't wait to get the summer show on the road.  I am ready to start ticking off things on our Bucket List.  I would really like to enjoy each day as it comes and focus less on the big events that lie ahead of us this summer.  It is so easy for me to get so wrapped up in anticipating things like a wedding, a week up north, or the cottage.... all the anticipation makes the summer zip by ALL TOO FAST.  

Today, I will relish our last morning with just two home for a while.
We have to run and get a fun drink for Charley to bring to school quick before walking him to school one last time.  Once again, not all the way on the ball with things he needs for school. But, to be fair, I have been solo parenting since Sunday night.  Ed returns home today and I am going to do my best to not fling my arms around him and then bolt.  Instead, I will hang tight and soak in our family being whole again.

When Ed is away my days are normal, the days aren't is the lack of relief or even potential relief that sweeps in during the hardest part of my day (4-8pm).  It is the lack of adult chatter in the evening that makes me have too much think time (thanks Kim and sister Raina for letting me ramble last night).  And I never sleep well.  So four nights this round means this mama is ready to snooze.   And this round the dryer was out of order, and again, hanging clothes out yesterday was enjoyable...until the rope collapsed and trying to get out to swap out laundry and keep an eye on Sydney became a three ring circus....and today it might rain...and we need clothes clean and dried for the weekend.  Obviously, I am just not letting the whole dryer thing go. whoa is me.  So today, a happy dance will be jigged when Ed is sighted.

It's Thursday...and for many it is the start of summer.  And for those of you who don't have school age children and there isn't an official start to summer in your household yet...make one.  When seasons change, stages pass, and you offer yourself a new start sometimes you find new energy and untapped sources of patience.  Just sayin'

How do you celebrate the last day of school?  I still haven't totally bought into a repeating tradition for our after school on the last day thing.  Do we go out for dinner?  Hit a park?  Go out for ice cream?  Plan something with neighbors?  Or treat it like any other evening during the bewitching hour?

Happy Thursday!

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Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I love the blog Whatever, she's a favorite of mine, always makes me want to craft something. Made me want to try things with the camera.
I recommend that file system, I have used it for a couple years and it really makes putting end of school stuff away a breeze. I am done already, wahoo!
Celebrate the last day of school with end of school pictures, it captures how much they have changed. Thought about a trip to the bookstore. Thought about ice cream, we went out last night.


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