Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I returned home from the gym this morning in such a calm and happy mood.
Henry and Sydney were sitting similar to this but in Sydney's chair, looking at books.
Henry loves to be close to Sydney - he has since day one.
These days it makes me cringe because he has had pneumonia. 
But I can tell he is on the mend and is on the antibiotic.

But it was cloudy and looked like rain.
And I realized, I LOVE rainy days.
I love cloudy cozy days when it rains and we are dry and at home.
Puttering, crafting, cleaning, napping, cartooning, hanging...
the list goes on.

But upon returning from walking Charley to school...the sun broke out and it got hot.

I think on the occasional rainy day I get the freedom to let go of the expectation that we should be outside playing.  It makes it okay to take it easy inside.  And with Henry still recuperating I know we need to not be running around outdoors.  But still - the sunshine lures us out.

And most days around 4pm we all head outside.  Miss Sydney loves to push her push toys.  She leads us all around our cul de sac, visiting neighbors, saying hi to dogs, and proudly bossing us here and there.
When we try and keep her in our yard she crawls fast finding new things to fascinate herself with.
Popping up on her knees like a meerkat.
Scouting out her next destination.

I have tried to be more organized with my dinner plans so that this time can be spent wandering with her instead of feeling like I should be inside, chopping and prepping dinner. 
Once again, I am reminding myself that it will be a summer of not getting a lot done and  more about taking in my children as I follow our new little explorer around.
Because being inside while her brothers are outside means that our front door will take a good pounding...because Miss Syd loves to stand and watch the world go by.

The sun is out.
Miss Syd is up from her late morning nap.
It is time to hit the pavement.
The sunshine calls.


Raina and Andy said...

i feel the exact same way about rainy days. I love them and it's cozy and there is no pressure to have to go anywhere. ps go syd go!!!!!! rr

Barb said...

Do you see and feel the joy in that girl??!!!! Go Syd

Barb said...

Do you see and feel the joy in that girl??!!!! Go Syd

Theresa said...

That little Popsicle shirt is so cute!!


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