Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And the beat goes on...

Typical Tuesday, not.
Mr. Henry had a light day yesterday, skipping a play date and soccer practice. 
A fever appeared in the evening.
So today, mama gut kickedin and I took him in to see the doc.  A few people mentioned strep. 
For some reason when given the choice of just a nurse visit for a strep test or an actual doc visit...I opted for the doc visit.  Thank goodness because the little man has pneumonia. 
So we were sent home with a prescription and he should be good to go in a day or two.
No preschool and No swimming. 
boo :(
You really wouldn't know he was sick...other than the coughing fits in the evening and morning and the wiped out look he has from time to time.
It is times like this that I am reminded that we know our kids, we mamas have instincts that usually kick in and trusting our gut and making choices that are healthy for our kids will always pay off.
And the beat goes on... 

We got this pamphlet in our mail a while back.
I laid it in Ed's pile of papers. 
Another mama instinct says, if we had an extra chunk of money laying around I am thinking Ed might jump all over this.  A clean house sure does make me feel calmer as a mama.  And picking up each day and just doing the regular mama duties fills up the minutes of my day.  Deep cleaning is hard to fit in. 
But it all gets done good enough.
But I do like this advertising angle.
 And the beat goes on...

When I don't go to the gym I will wear my workout clothes all day as a reminder that I want to get my butt in gear at some point. 
These are some new shoes I recently got. 
Man, they feel like heaven compared to my old ones.
So do I just wear them to the gym or can I wear them on walks etc. too.  I have no idea.
And the beat goes on...

This young lady just let me rock her to sleep for another quick catnap.
At her 15 month check up last week the doc said her molars are coming.
Yipee.  not.
I am guessing that is what has her sleeping for an hour and then waking during the day.

But she is becoming a little girl.
She now picks up her dolls and looks at them or holds them.
She will let Henry put on these sunglasses and then walks proudly around with them pushing her 'new to her' stroller.  We are trying with all our might to get her to walk but anytime you let go or attempt to put more of the balance on her she sits down. 
And this morning she somehow turned on some music on the ipad and she immediately began shaking her bootie.  This girl is going to be a dancer.  She will hightail it across the street to the neighbor girls house if they are blaring their music.  She will march right up to them and give her shoulders a shake.  She will also go right up to the dogs on our street.  Dancing and Dogs.  Dancing and Dogs.
And the beat goes on...

Charley is all crazy into animal facts these days.  They are doing animal research projects in his class and he is busy discussing animals with his buddies.  He wants to do some specific vulture for his animal.  Speaking of vultures...he circles our fridge after each meal like a vulture.  I can not feed him enough.  After most meals he will ask if he can have a yogurt or something else.  These boys are going to eventually eat us out of house and home. 

It's Tuesday afternoon and it's Popsicle time because it is unseasonably warm out.
My sister reminded me that I said I would be bombarding you with lots of posts and pictures...and why that hasn't happened has to do with my laptop.  It is testing my patience lately.  And Miss Sydney is keeping me distracted ...besides the moment when she pulled my camera off the table and broke the lens.  And we just started the first episode of Mad Men..might this tide us over until the third season of Downton Abbey?  Excuses, excuses,  it is a different rhythm. 
There are storm predictions and I have prayed all day they would hit because we are kinda confined at home with sick boy Henry and rainy days always make things feel cozy.  But no such luck yet.  Instead we are blessed with sunny warm temps.

Looking for a reminder about how precious our little ones are even when they are challenging us with sleepless nights, quirky behaviors, or testing our patience...go read this, Will It Ever End?

Hoping you have a relaxing end stretch to your mama hours and a little me time that fills up your cup so that tomorrow can kick start with vibrant energy for this week's journey.

What's for dinner in your house?



Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so hoping for some me time. This mama has been having a rough time lately. I just can't seem to hold onto that last bit of patience to get me through the day. I love your post and your optimistic outlook on things. It is a good reminder to me to look on the bright side. love ya

Barb said...

Ham slice, green beans and baked potato for supper. Back to work today and now my own me time reading blogs before early to bed. Hope Henry feels better soon.


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