Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have waited for this moment...

I have waited for this moment...
to see one of my children up on the stage...
singing or doing something.
And I am so grateful that his teacher and her team put in all this effort to do a program this year.
I know how much work it is because we did one when I taught first grade. 
It overtakes your personal life and classroom time. 

So when he entered the gym and climbed up on the risers I got a knot in my stomach and couldn't have been more proud to wave back at my first born son.

My mom warned me I might get choked up and I started to.
But my little daughter sitting next to me on my mom's lap clapped and was so entranced by the whole production that she distracted me enough to hold it together.

Miss Sydney sat on my mom's lap the entire 45 minute performance.  She watched and she clapped and she loved it all.  And her clapping was even more determined when the crowd clapped.  She is pure joy.

 Video will come after this post.

YAY Charley!

Note, Charley's speaking part came and I recorded it using my phone but had the urge to snap a picture I looked like the crazy mom while I tried to do both missing the entire moment in any picture form.  Well not entirely, but looking back I learned my lesson.  Pick one way to record and then really take it in. 

First time seeing your little up on stage is awesome!

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Raina and Andy said...

Wow, so proud. Got choked just reading about it. Rr


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