Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today, I jumped back on the workout train and got to the gym...after a five days of not.
Syd has been under the weather and life just called for more sleep, not that I got more, but I guess pushing the alarm off at 2am feels like I am getting more sleep. 
Today, it was hard to get there but it felt good. 
Breaks are good. 
And leaving I ran into my workout gal and she enjoyed a few days off too. 
Having a friend for support and encouragement is key.  

Today, or rather lately, when I am tooling around in my big old minivan I have moments where I think - I am a mom.  A full fledged carpool lane, minivan driving mom.  I run errands.  I sometimes have one kid back there.  Sometimes I have two tag alongs and sometimes I have three.  Every once in a while I have an extra.  There as a day a week or two ago that we considered a new car...I went on the website and peeked and realized - what's the would have to be another minivan because carpooling is key and I can't imagine not being able to help friends so they can help me.  
I am a mom.  A minivan mom.  And I am loving it. 

Today, after dropping the boys off Sydney and I hit some garage sales.  I should have buzzed straight home so she could get a longer nap.  But the neighborhood had just enough sales to lure us to just one more.  I am on the hunt for Magic Treehouse books.  We are conquering them in order.  We read them to the boys at bedtime and when we stop, because Henry has fallen asleep, Charley will flip on his headlamp and read on.  We need number 37 and up.  Garage sales are where I like to invest in them.  Today I scored 32-36 for the price of one book at a bookstore.  SCORE!

Ed did something to our screen saver and it now flashes through older pictures than before.  Pictures of when Charley and Henry were tiny.  I find myself zoning out and thinking back to days when Charley looked like Henry and Henry looked like Sydney and it makes me fill up with so many emotions.  

I am loving my new computer.  
I am not putting all the pictures on from my old computer.  I am starting fresh.  Which means, I need to start snapping because I am starting to run out of pics to post about.  I am feeling down about blogging.  May is a busy time of year but I feel like I am losing touch with some of the blog friends I have be blessed to connect with.  I hope it is just that we are all busy...all enjoying life.  Living it.  

I am praying for some steps to happen for Miss Sydney this weekend. 
She is soooo close.  Next weekend I am scooting out of town by myself to throw a shower for my soon to be sister in law.  We have some fun plans in store for the weekend.  I don't want to miss the first steps of my last child becoming a walker.  So we will practice practice practice. 

Henry and Charley want to go see the new Avenger movie.  
Some say it would be okay for the both boys.  Some worry about Henry.  
Ugh.  Poor Henry really wants to see it too.  Balancing boundaries when you have two boys who play so well and have such similar interests is so hard.  We don't want to hold back Charley but we don't want Henry to grow up too fast.  And yes, we can take Charley and not Henry but they are at this stage where they rub in each other's faces the things they do or eat or experience...they have not learned.  I am constantly giving the "fair doesn't mean the same for everyone, fair means that everyone gets what they need." speech.  I am a broken record on the fair topic.

People have been having weird dreams about me lately. 
When they tell me about them I laugh but then ponder.  
I have been having crazy dreams too.  A night or two ago I had to argue with Ed about who broke my bucket handle in the middle of the night.  He kept asking me "What bucket?"  Duh, the one right there....I know crazy. 

Sydney's nose is a fountain.  Poor girl.  She gets worn out from just breathing.  
Those fingers make it hard and eating and drinking sound like so much work. 
Morning naps have returned this week.  At least she is sleeping through the night still. 

Henry finishes his first round of swim lessons today.  
So proud of him.  He starts his next camp next week.  
This round we were gifted with private lessons because no one else signed up with him. 
Next round he will have a little friend in his class and I am thinking that might be just the right push to keep him growing as a swimmer.  Today if he swims to the bottom to retrieve the ring he gets to buy an apple juice from the machine at the swim school.  He has been begging and I told him his last lesson...but he has lost confidence in retrieving rings from the bottom after swallowing a little water two lessons ago.  So this mama is bribing him to go for it.  Why not.  

Swim lessons are going to get dicey.  Sydney didn't nap enough this morning. 
Wish me luck.  We lap the pool with the stroller.  Drink water and eat crackers.  Practice walking.  Look at books.  It is a busy time and I am realizing now that swim lessons this summer could be trickier because of spectator Sydney.  

Time to get off here and grab a towel and swim trunks for Henry. 
Time to go pick him up and head to swim...

What's on your mind today?

*note I am posting this and walking away without rereading it.  I will reread it later and kick myself for spelling and grammar errors.  Please forgive me.  I type on here if I am sitting with you having a cup of coffee...not like I am submitting this to my 10th grade English teacher.  Thank goodness.  


Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts about the minivan. We aren't there yet and are starting to look for a new car. I am just not sure if I can make the plunge....but it would be nice to have the extra seat for a friend.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

didn't notice any typos. You are a great writer. I love your fair means that everyone gets what they need speech. I think I am going to start using that now. Thanks!
Our kids just started swim lessons again last Saturday and are loving it! Emma isn't quite walking either. She might take a step or two but then sits down. We're working on that one too. I love being a minivan mom now too and don't think I could ever go back!

The Tompkins Family said...

Hi, friend! I miss you! I, too, started working out again too after a week off. I've been so sick with a cold that just won't go away.

The Tompkins Family said...

p.s. - funny about the slideshow on the computer. Shawn did the same thing a few weeks back and I'm constantly zoning out when I see pictures, lost in my memories.

April said...

We have had a mini van for almost 2 years now. I love the darn thing. We traded our old one for a newer one in February. Love. The only other car we considered was the Ford Flex. Pretty roomy but not as convenient for moving around as the mini van.
Anna started swim lessons again last week and she loves it. I think it might be her sport, she’s a fish. She is in level 8 out of 12…. Not sure what that means for a 5 year old, but I am pretty proud!
Kevin went to see Avengers last weekend. He said it was pretty violent and Gavin is probably not ready. However, we are pretty conservative on the movies we let the kids watch. If you go, you might want to keep them busy during the previews, he said they were kinda violet too.

shellycoulter said...

I struggle with the same things with Eli and Sim. Simeon wants to do EVERYTHING his big brother does. For I have started letting Eli do more stuff at the stove (with me right there)...while Sims job is still to just stir or set the table. I know its only going to get tougher as he gets older. :)

shellycoulter said...

PS...We bought a minivan thinking we may have a third child by now. We don't...but the minivan stays. I LOVE being able to fit so many people in it! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you wrote about having a cup of coffee because I was thinking while reading, "I like this post...I feel like I'm catching up with Sarah in her living room. :)


Roz said...

So weird. This post struck in such a way...Sometimes I read your posts and think, "good grief...can she read my mind? Does she have some super power that allows her to transform into an insect and does she sit perched on the walls of my house and observe my day to day life?" Of course each of our families are unique in their own way, but man...your blog is the one I pop in on each day because I know I can relate 100%...our lives seem to parellel in so many ways. Thank you for sharing, your writing skills. Your a great mom, running a great ship over there. Keep up the good work.


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