Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers...

Tonight in the chaos of hanging out in Sydney's room, a remarkable thing happened.  Our girl stood up and wandered about...she walked!  Daddy arrived home and she took off.  It was like she knew we were all settled in and riled up and ready for some more excitement.  She sped around in circles and fell often, but stood back up and tried again.  So I think I can say..."she's off..."  And so now I am enjoying a glass of wine realizing that my days with a crawling baby are almost over.  I know she will probably opt to crawl for a bit yet...but I know it won't be long until she is just walking about. 

In the last 24 hours...
If you have been unfortunate enough to be caught in my path...
you may have been subjected to irrational and emotional thoughts. guilt...who knows...all I know...around 2pm I seemed to hit my stride again.
I am sorry to those in the path of Tornado Sarah.

I enter the Mother's day weekend with a pretty tidy house,
however the mound of clean laundry to be folded is more out of control than ever.
SO curious what is on the agenda for your mother's day weekend.
Ed brought home some Big Bowl for him and I.
A large glass of red wine is putting my muscles, that are slowly becoming more achy, into relaxation mode.
I am hoping to sit next to my husband tonight and conquer a few computer set up tasks.
And then hit the pillow because five days off from the gym means five days on.  Saturday and Sunday will kick off with some exercise.

The rest of the weekend holds much family time in games (8:30 and 11)  Love that spacing, not! 
A hair cut.
Some flower planting.
Wandering about the cul de sac with our little walker.
And maybe another meal out because heaven to me is not having to cook when the sun is shining and there are better things to do. 

So as our girl takes off with this new walking skill...I am going to try and focus less on the fact that she is my last to learn to walk.  I am going to focus less on the fact that she won't come crawling to the laundry room to greet me in the morning.  I am going to focus less on the lack of injuries we have going on here (skinned knees and face plants).  Instead, I am going to focus on less dirty knees, less holes in the pants, and more freedom when we go places to burn energy because she can walk around places more freely than crawling. 

So do please share your mother's day plans. 

By the way, I decided this morning, during my irrational emotional escapade, that Mother's Day ranks right up there with New Year's and Valentine's Day.  I suppose they are great holidays but really they just throw me off.  Expectations and pressure... and really, shouldn't everyday celebrate love and mamas, and new starts if that's what you need.  But then again, we mama's need a day of appreciation because it is a job that lacks appreciation during the day to day grind. 

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The Tompkins Family said...

I have to know...are you keeping your hair short or are you just trimming and growing it out?!

No big plans here...hoping for a long run in the morning, pancakes and a family day perhaps to a new park.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Mother's Day for me will probably be a nice quiet morning and then I have have to teach the music in the primary at church and then teach the Women's class the last hour. Then hopefully a nice walk on the trail with the family and enjoying the sunshine!!!! I am so glad the gray decided to leave us! today got up to 76 degrees!!!! That is huge for us


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