Wednesday, May 9, 2012

practice not perfection - a random stream of consciousness

a stream of consciousness...

Children don't expect perfect mothers, unfortunately we put that expectation on ourselves all too often without knowing we are doing it. 
Children keep it real by teaching us of our limitations.
Motherhood is about practice not perfection.
Taking deep breaths and realizing in any given moment what we need and what they need, and doing our best to meet those needs.

This morning's breakfast ends up on the floor - that's okay.  breathe.
You have given 15 reminders to get everyone out the door on time.  Slow down.  breathe.
Everyone seems to be on edge and crabby about each thing happening, hello witching hour.  Change it up.  breathe.
The laundry doesn't get folded or a load needs to get rewashed.  sigh.  breathe.

Consider their day. Consider your day. 
Consider last night's sleep.  Consider snacks and nourishment.
Consider outings, fresh air, or bodies that need to rest.
Have you hugged your child?
Have you been hugged by your spouse? 
Deep breath.   Let go of perfection and hold on to practice.  
And enjoy the ride.

Need a hello from you and you and you...who's out there?  anyone?


shellycoulter said...

Wise words, my friend! :)

shellycoulter said...

AND Matt has class tonight and won't be home until after I will remember to breathe and hopefully the evening will go well even though I won't get my reinforcement at 5:15. I'm thinking a picnic supper to the pond for a little catch and release fishing may be in order!:)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

What I need and what they need don't always mesh. I have to remind myself to slow down after school and let go of whatever else I needed to do.

I was grateful for a husband who worked from home this morning, since my older one didn't like the shirt choices and the younger one needed to get to preschool. All was better when I returned.

Barb said...

Wise words and love the Syd fix too ( and yes, charley too) .

Grandma Charlie said...

I agree, Grandma Barb, love all those photos! Thinking of you often, see you soon!


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