Wednesday, May 30, 2012

playing with pictures and some ramblings

Most of the time when I take pictures I spend a few minutes editing the pictures I put on here.  I blur out the name of a city.  I crop out busy background extra garbage.  I crop in closer.  
I play around with the color or use a setting that gives it a certain look.
I used to use and now that isn't anymore. 
For Christmas Ed got me Photoshop Elements and I have challenged myself to slowly dive into it and give it a try.  But it is far more technical than the picnik thing I used before.  
When picnik was no longer I heard rumor of pic and so I have played around with that when I haven't had the time to figure out things on photoshop elements.  Here are a few shots from the recent shower that I played around with.  

Meanwhile, our morning was exhaustive.  An early morning session with a trainer has me wondering if I will be able to move tomorrow.  I also had a stretch know the ones you use to build muscle...flip off my shoe and whack me in the face.  Nice!  It hurt but I seriously had tears from laughter.  The sound had the trainer in shock.

And then we headed off to meet the surgeon who will be working on Henry in the near future.  We had to wait in the waiting room for an hour, so when we finally met the dr. we were a bit annoyed. But he was easy to talk to, kind, and tender with Henry, and I feel as good as any mama would feel.

If I don't get Sydney down for a late morning nap we are in trouble.  She won't nap for more than an hour and a half if she goes down after 12:30.  So I guess my priority this summer will have to be getting home by 11:30 so she gets a good nap.  Otherwise, the days will be VERY long.  Because when she is up and cranky, I get nothing done.  When a mama lives around nap, you don't question it.  Just saying'.  Because maybe the outing would be great but the mama is the one who deals with the aftershocks of veering off the nap routine.  And most often, it isn't worth it.

Hope your Wednesday is a pleasant one.  I hope you didn't get smacked in the face by a workout band.  I hope you didn't have to keep two kids busy in a waiting room for over an hour.  I hope your napper succumbs to the second try at a nap like I am hoping mine will.  Because the day is only half over and there needs to be some productivity in my day or I go a little squirrelly.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I am going squirrelly right now because I am not feeling productive. And the things I could be doing to be productive just aren't calling my name right now. Today would be a great day for an in home maid. Laundry and dishes is all I'd ask for.

shellycoulter said...

Oh no...that gym incident sounds horrible. I have avoided those things because I'm sure I would do that or something worse. :)

Nice editing.

Love the veggies and ranch in the cup. Need to remember that for kid-parties. :)

Dad has class again tonight so its a solo evening. Gotta pull some tricks out to get through the evening. There have been lots of tears over little things from my eldest son...over little things. Guessing its part of the transition from taking naps to just having quiet time that he has been in for the last few weeks. Who knows? But it leaves this mama feeling sad and helpless.

Dinner is planned but seriously thinking about just doing kids eat free night at McAlisters because their soup and salad sound so good right now! :) haha! Do you have McAlisters out there?

Enjoy your day and I hope Ms.Syd ends up napping for ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Raina looks so pretty in that picture! Thanks for the picmonkey tip. Gonna check it out!


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