Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bucket List....

As the end of the year closes in Charley's class they are doing this thing where they pop a balloon and inside is a little piece of paper that shares something special they get to do that day.  So I took off on that idea for our summer bucket list.  Our ideas are listed on paper balloons and I might surprise the boys with a balloon from time to time that they get to pop to find out what the day's adventure is going to be...but not every time. 

Our list this year has much of what we had on last year.  I added a few new things and put some simple little at home tasks on there too.  I found that the bucket list really motivated me to wake up in the morning and have a plan for the day.  It motivated me to go out and do things with the kids so that I could check things off.  I liked how friends and family asked how we were doing on our bucket list.  And when I was feeling uninspired for how we should spend an afternoon or morning...I had a reference spot.

So our list is big and has some big and some small.  It also includes things that we will of course do.  But I love checking things off and it is also a way to point out all the things that we have done at the end of the summer...and heck, those things that are no brainer things we have on our calendar or will do for sure...well why not get a little credit for doing something that comes easy or is something we are going to do anyway.

So here is our list so far for our summer.  Charley and Henry helped brainstorm our list and I spent a little time actually assembling our list. 

  1.  Go to a sprinkler park
  2.  Go to Grandma Barb's
  3. Go to Grandma Charlie's
  4. Go to Morgan's house
  5. Go to a farmer's market
  6. Go out for ice cream
  7. Go pick berries
  8. Go to Centennial Lakes
  9. Go to the cottage
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Go to the pool
  12. Go to the library (three of them)
  13. Go to a nature center
  14. Go to the zoo
  15. Go to a museum
  16. Go to 10 different local parks
  17. Meet mama's local blog friend face to face for the first time. Roz :)
  18. Feed the fish at Community park
  19. Go to an indoor park
  20. Watch cars race
  21. Bake 3 NEW things.  Things we have never baked before
  22. Plant a tree 
  23. Get a birdhouse/feeder on a pole
  24. Create board games
  25. Go to the craft store and pick your own craft Price limit...like under $5.00
  26. play bocce ball
  27. Ice cream in Bayfield
  28. Lunch at Skips
  29. Walk for breakfast
  30. Playdates with friends (a few for each kid)
  31. Make Rainbow pudding pops
  32. Make pickles
  33. go to lake Superior
  34. walk to the coffee shop
  35. Go out for donuts
  36. Lunch with daddy on a work day
  37. Go to a movie
  38. Find a garage sale treasure
  39. Send 5 postcards
  40. Have a pj day
  41. Bring a neighbor something yummy we baked (four times)
  42. Have a bonfire
  43. Charley goes to Boy Scout camp
  44. Read in 20 different places (not home) I want Charley to continue to escape into books.  So I am going to challenge him to have a book along and we can go read at parks, sitting on a dock, at the library, in a waiting room, etc.  
  45. See fireworks
  46. Greg and Liz's wedding
  47. Parade
  48. Have friends over for waffles
  49. Ice cream sundae party with friends
  50. Picnic lunch
  51. Picnic dinner
  52. Picnic Inside
  53. Pizza at a park? I am thinking we would go with friends and have pizza delivered
  54. Go to a candy store
  55. Go camping
  56. Go on a nature hike
  57. Go fishing
  58. Go on a boat
  59. Go on a canoe
  60. Go to a library program event
  61. Go on a waterslide
  62. Make play dough
  63. Make chalk paint
  64. Water balloons
  65. Slip and Slide
  66. Charley makes dinner He will pick the menu and help make it
  67. Henry makes dinner
  68. fly a kite
  69. Cheer on mom at the Dirty Girl Race
  70. camera walk  Go on a walk and let them take pictures with my old camera
  71. Rent Redbox movie
  72. Write letters to friends and family we love I would like to challenge us to do one a week
  73. Celebrate mom's birthday
  74. Celebrate mom and dad's anniversary 10 years this year!
  75. Go hit golf balls with dad

Other things that I am making a priority this summer:

Since our summer has very little structure I want to establish a small and simple routine that allows for some structure to emerge.  I want Charley to spend time during the week: reading, working on his math facts, and writing.  I want Henry to spend time each week: on his letters, numbers, and fine motor (cutting and writing).

Each week I want to set aside an hour of my free time to plan out the week ahead with a craft or two, a baking or cooking challenge for us, and a little layout to our outings, playmates, etc.

I want there to be a time each day when there is quiet in the house.  The boys take a break from each other and do their own thing.

And I want to get back to our must do responsibilities.  We have let them slide lately, or rather they kind of do them automatically to some degree.  But this summer we can tackle helping a little more around the house.

So the boys are NOT signed up for too much that will take them out of the house for structured activities.  I am realizing how quickly these summers where they follow me like my little ducklings are going to end.  I am realizing that it will be all too soon when Charley will much rather hide out in his room, spend his weeks at sports or summer camps, or will bike off to meet friends.

  So my summer mantra is going to be, "I'm going to miss this."  And I am going to relish in the slow days that might get a little dicey some days...but ultimately, they will be the days I will look back and remember as my favorite in my mothering career.

Many of you waited for my list to pop up here.  I would LOVE to hear any ideas that you have that I should add to my list.  I would like to get our list up to 100.  So I need 25 more!


shellycoulter said...

Do the boys ride 2-wheel bikes? You could teach them to do so, if they don't. Also...take the bikes somewhere else to ride them. My boys LOVE going to the university campus to ride because its empty in the summer. :)

BTW ---there are so many more things to do where you live! I want to come along on all these adventures! :)

Collect a rock garden and let the boys paint rocks that you collect from different places..where is is appropriate to take rocks from (Had to teach the boys that landscaping rocks are off limits. haha). We just started this and its been fun! :)

Another idea...make a small garden. (or pots). Tomatoes and strawberries are exciting for little guys! :)

Love your list. Stealing some of your ideas! :) Will share more when I get my list thought out and organized! :)

Raina and Andy said...

How about some type of adventure with Roeder cousins?? Haha minnow competition? Rr

Anonymous said...

Obstacle course...scavenger hunt...living room picnic...farmers market...car wash at home...campfire...yard camping...bike decorating...


jessica said...

I want to do 6,10,11,48, and 53 with you just to name a few. I love your list.

I want to do a bike rental at Minnehaha Falls, watch a movie at Heart of the City, and do the free beach parties...at least one.

Love the list! Lots of fun ahead!

The Tompkins Family said...

I love your list! I need to get going on making mine. I really liked having one last summer. It got me to do more things that the girls would love.

My only complaint? That we don't get to do any of it together! :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

We are still working on ours. Love the list! Pizza in the park sounds fun.
Some things I don't think I saw that you may like,
1. Join the summer Library reading program.
2. Geocaching - this is something that we will be doing this summer.
3. paint with water and paint brushes, every child loves this.

Danifred said...

I love this list. I should have the girls help me make one for the remainder of summer.


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