Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Monday Morning to you!

Well, good morning!
I woke up this morning dreading spin class.
But when I waved at my friend from the doorway to tell her I wasn't putting myself through that...something drew me in and away we went.  Sweat - it happens in there.

Returning home it was a smooth morning for us.
But from my sister I hear she has had a rough few days with Mr. Hugh-Lou. 
Darn little guy is pushing them to their limits with sleep, while they deal with flu like crap over there. 
Wear your super cape today Mama Raina.  This too shall pass.

On the radio this morning while I took Henry to his almost last day at preschool they were talking about this You Tube video.  So when I got home I let Sydney wander about with her fist full of Lego's...she seriously is a little machine.  She goes in, scoops up a load, wanders about, and then deposits it like fertilizer on flowers.  As if the spot she picks to put them is intentional and helpful in some beautiful way.   And all to often, when I go to throw something away I find a little pile of toys in the trash....Must. Check. Often.  Would hate to lose a phone, remote, or wallet. 

Anyways, if you are in need of an escape - take a minute to watch this proposal.  You will cry.  But the good tears.  This guy out did himself.  60 family and friends all participated.  Really cool.

Today we have preschool, swim lessons, and later today I will take Charley to get fit for a Violin.  Crazy!  He is excited.  He has some buddies who are also supposedly doing this.  It makes me so happy. 

It is a busy week but it starts with the house somewhat caught up...well, not the laundry.  But, when is that ever caught up.  There really is only two more weeks of school left...not even.  Crazy.  I need to stock up my closet stash of things I can pull out for those hairy moments.  I need to post our bucket list.  I need to relish these last three preschool mornings where I just have Sydney and the next two weeks of afternoons where Sydney naps and I just have Henry.  And I need to get on top of all the end of the school year shenanigans so we don't miss anything.  At least this year the year book was ordered months ago (managed to be on top of that this year.)

Coffee!  Go! 


jessica said...

Glad you joined me at spin this morning!

Loved that video....so sweet!

I am feeling the same....wanting to enjoy each moment the next two weeks, even thought they are crazy busy before summer starts

I can't wait to see your bucket list, I know you will come up with good things for me to add to our list.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

looking forward to your bucket list too. I need some good ideas

The Tompkins Family said...

That video was beyond sweet!

And thanks for the reminder, I forgot I have a load in the washer!!

Raina and Andy said...

I cried while nursing watching the video. Sooooo glad I watched and even more happy that there are people who love each other that much out there still! Rr


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