Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday thoughts...

*I did watch American Idol this year. But whether you watch the show or not, the announcement of the winner this season was inspiring. The moment was still not the normal fist in the air jumping up and down moment. He absorbed it. And was overwhelmed by the moment...and in the end walked into the arms of his family rather than embrace the fame in that moment. It was powerful. I think anyone would be moved by the moment:

On a side note...He was the contestant that I was hoping would win.  I would buy his CD...and that is how I pick my winner.  I also loved how he always went with his own choices on the music and how he sang it and the fashion and how he looked. 

*This weekend we will conquer our Summer Bucket List.  Last year's list is here.  As we come up with our new list and maybe change up the design...I am trying to keep simple in mind.  This post has some good thoughts.  We have signed up for very little so it will be my goal to establish a little routine during our weeks.  Some crafts, reading, outings, cooking challenges, nature, friend time vs. just us,

*Last night was the first time we left the kids with a babysitter at 5pm...she fed them dinner and put them to bed.  Ed wants me to call her today and explain that before putting Sydney to bed she needs to change her diaper.  Syd woke up this morning drenched, poor thing.  I told her I will spell it out more clearly next time.  But it went fine and dandy. 

*Sometimes, instead of being frustrated with the whines that I get for asking Charley to do things...I try and realize the power I have ...Seriously, I can ask "Charley go find socks."  And bam!  Tears.   "Charley, go pack your backpack."  Bam!  Tears.   "Charley, you can eat this chocolate donut."  Bam!  Tears.  (okay, maybe not the third.)  He is reading this as I type it.  Bam!  This mama is in tears.   Someone was confused by how this was worded...basically, when I ask Charley to do any of these things then he errupts into tears.  So I was saying BAM - tears!  And my tears (which I didn't really cry) was because he is reading what I am writing which means he can read my blog. haha.  Anyways, sorry if this was confusing. 

*Henry will have to have surgery in the coming weeks.  It is on my mind.  Anyone who has had their child put under...advice to calm this mama's worries.

*Nephew Eli hoped that we would also be meeting him at the zoo today.  Oh boy would I give anything to meet my sister at the zoo in an hour. 

*Sydney shakes her head no when she doesn't want something.  Cracks me up. 

*This weekend hope to figure out a solution to our rusty mailbox.  Do we fix it or just get a new one.  Ed started collecting the materials to fix it and it was going to cost about the same as getting a new one.  We'll see. We also need to till in our compost and get our tomatoes planted.  Throw in a little Thor or Captain America and this Memorial Day weekend will hopefully feed the souls of us all just right.  And I will make it my goal to get my camera out more!

*Syd is a disaster.  I think she wasn't ready to get up this morning but had to wake because she was so wet.  So it will be an early nap for her...and then we will go from there.  Our day is open.  And it feels just right.

What's on your mind this Friday?


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Friday morning plans derailed, but it will still be a good day.

Surgery, Hayden had ear tubes, and had to have special anethesia (SP?) because of a medical condition, so they took him away from us and we weren't with him, that was hard. I have heard that parents are typically with child when they are put under, will that be the case? I think it is harder on the parent than the child. He will do great:)

Poor Sydney, funny how you would think it is intuitive to change a diaper before bed. Where did you go last night, a date?

Clarify - the tears are yours? Overwhelmed?

Anonymous said...

We are going to work on our summer bucket list tonight or this weekend as well. It is always so much fun to hear what the kids want to do. I am going to try something different this summer. I picked a 'theme' for each week, then we can use that as a starting point for a craft, books from the library, an outing and maybe even something fun the kids can cook. Hopefully it will keep me from getting too lazy and the kids from getting bored.
Hope you can stay cool this weekend. It is going to be HOT here, ugh.

MOMOF2 said...

I am so glad Phillip won too! He was my favorite from the beginning! Hudson gets ear tubes next Tuesday, I will let you know how it goes. Feeling confident and nervous as a mama all at the same time! Just thought you would like to know: Ayla is now sportin a Bright, Pink, Glitter cast.......oh that girl, it was bound to happen sooner or later ( :
Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Simon had 2 surgeries when he was between 1 and 2 years old. One for ears and one a little more serious. Of course it's scary, but I guess the alternative was scarier. You just have to trust that everything will be okay and that he is in good hands. Simon recovered better than expected so that was a definite positive! Good luck!!!

Raina and Andy said...

Saying little happy prayers for Henry. Hope he is ok and that you are too. Rusty mailbox? Get a new one. A fun one or classy one that you love! Rr

The Tompkins Family said...

Oh no! Why does Henry need surgery?


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