Monday, May 7, 2012


If my body was a sponge it would be saturated and dripping with thanks and gratitude.
The weekend was full of moments where I felt so much grace for life.
A lazy Saturday morning with eggs, hash browns that didn't burn, and bacon...followed by the boys' first soccer games which finished right before a major down pour.

Sunday we were blessed with an available babysitter so Ed and I could escape our parenting duties and eat lunch and do a little laptop shopping. 
Returning home I realized how my husband goes with the flow and doesn't ever complain when he does laptop shopping for me, Boy Scout rocket building + boring business meeting for his son, and then was on single dad duty so I could go have dinner with friends. 
Blessed and so appreciative I am.

Last night I got to have dinner with friends who I see often and who I don't get to see enough.
There was laughter, wine, yummy food, and I just enjoyed sitting and listening and taking in the chatter.  I don't fit these moments, without kids, in enough with these ladies and when I do I am reminded how valuable it is to spend time with these women without little ones tugging on our legs asking for snacks.  We can breathe together.

So today I am focusing on the catching the drips..
so grace can continue to fill this mama's cup.

No longer do we deal with drippy Popsicles though...
someone reminded me of this fabulous idea.
Cupcake liners under the Popsicle makes for a lot less sticky mess.

So no more less Popsicle drips but ...
the early morning drip of the coffee pot was bliss because our little Syd now has a cold and she was up at 0' dark thirty this morning.
The drip of her nose will probably keep her clingy and less rested today.

The lack of drips from the sky, finally, will leave us excited for soccer practice this evening.
Henry needs a few drips of time with his mama to fill his cup up.

And though it might be nice to be hooked up to a machine that would provide a steady drip of  the right amount of love, patience, calmness, productivity, and patience...did I say that already...well, that would be awesome.
But instead it is another day in the life of a full time mama who will dig deep to make the right choices to give these littles what they need, at the moments when they need them, while juggling the laundry and chores that just keep on keepin'  ( Charley informed me that the towel basket is getting WAY too full and I should do that today, thanks sir.) hopes for a few moments that allow  for a few drips to end up in my cup.  Because everyone in our house needs their cup filled with the things they need.  And right now Sydney's cup needs some snuggling and a nap.  Charley needs a happy send off and Henry's little cup is about to get a nice dose of friend time.  Which means maybe I can get that load of laundry going and try the power button on my new blogging machine. 


Raina and Andy said...

Love this post,,,the drip! Rr

Anonymous said...

O'dark it :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I'm working on the laundry today too. I have a mountain again. I love the way you did this post and the word drip. Very clever and a good reminder. I am going to have to go out and get some popcicles soon. We actually got about 70 degrees today! I am soooo happy to see the sun today.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

You got it? Early? Lucky you, do you like it?


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