Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deep breath

It's Saturday.
It's the weekend.
Suit up...goggles?  soccer jerseys? umbrellas?  high heels?

Whatever works for you today.

Take a deep deep breath.
Enough so you can exhale slowly all day.
But not too much that you don't need to stop occasionally and breathe in the moments.

Breathe in ...
The bacon sizzling on the griddle.
The rainy soccer fields.
The busy children that are begging too often for your attention.
The quiet when naptime settles around you (not in our house).

And then go for it.
Ride the waves of the day.
Be productive.
Whatever your soul needs.
And enjoy.

 Happy Weekending!

Today:  Big Breakfast, Home Depot Kid's workshop, Kings Corner, Soccer games in the rain, and sighing with relief for a family that was doing the waiting game over health concerns for their son.  So relieved they have answers.

Rainy days on the weekends are not as enjoyable as weekday rainy days?  Why is that?

1 comment:

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Thanks, Sarah! So nice to know you care and have been thinking and praying for us! We are so very thankful. It's been a whirlwind...happy to b home safe and healthy-ish as a family of 4!!!


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