Monday, May 7, 2012

GO! Skittle Dragons!

Tis the season of sitting on daddy's shoulders and watching your big brothers play soccer.

Henry is playing soccer in a more organized fashion a year earlier than Charley did.
 plain and simple.

We see the more timid Henry right now.
But knowing how he kicks the ball around at home keeps us all sitting on the edge of our seat...waiting for him to realize he can do it.  
All in his own time.  

While we wait for him to hit his stride, we watch him proudly wear his jersey t-shirt.
We see that he is loving it - just a wee bit. 
And we know that this is what childhood is about.
Trying new things.
Being pushed out of your comfort zone.
Meeting new adults who know our name and cheer for us.  
It takes a village.
And throwing your hands in with a bunch of new friends and then raising them up high and shouting...
"Skittle Dragons!"

 Looking forward to watching Mr. Hankers grow as a soccer player.

Go Skittle Dragons!


shellycoulter said...

Skittle Dragons! That's awesome. Eli's team was the Red Robots. I like Skittle Dragons better! :) yes...little kid soccer is pretty fun to watch. :) He's a cutie!

Barb said...

Amazing team name. How can a kid not LOVE it!

Danifred said...

Skittle Dragons = Awesome Name!


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