Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!
Hello Little Stinker who pulled Mama's camera off the table and broke the lens, the lens that is my favorite.
Hello amazing husband who reassured me that it was all okay when I called him to tell him we were on the way to the camera store. 
Hello Monday morning lessons that were learned the hard way and now we will all be in high alert to where we put things around our house. 
This girl has some MAD tippy toe standing skills.  I swear she teeters on the tips of her big toe nails just to reach whatever is up on tables, desks, etc.

Hello morning workout with a trainer and the slowly progressing aches and pains that I can tell are going to keep surprising me in the next 24 hours.
Hello to an evening of soccer for both boys...
although Henry is under the weather so we'll see if both boys are kicking soccer balls around tonight.

Hello a little gift to this mama...I have two nappers today.
Being a little under the weather means Henry was okay with laying down and he conked out within 15 minutes.  Of course he chose to sleep in his big brother's bed in the top bunk. 
 Now the question remains - how long do I let him nap?

Hello cloudy day but warmer temps these next few days.
Hello to a cleaned out and shop vacced car.  Always makes me smile at my mini van lovin life.
Hello to an early afternoon cup of coffee.
Hello to a feeling that life is good and though I could live worried about when our luck will change, I can't because life is what it is and the good and the bad are what makes life real. 
So today - we are enjoying, dealing, and moving on from moment to moment. 

Broken lens - replace it.
Sick kiddos - nap 'em!
Soccer commitments - kick it.
Water - consume it.
Life - bring it!

This week, answer the phone like the person on the other end is calling to tell you GREAT news instead of thinking they are calling to share something sad. 
 Wear your sunglasses rain or shine- because your future is so bright.  
Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Great Thoughts - Cute Kid! Jamie Trampe

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

you're so cute! Way to be positive. Sorry about your lens. I am always paranoid my camera is going to take a stumble since I leave it on the computer desk for quick access and now Emma is EVERYWHERE! Still no walking yet though. Biding our time.

Barb said...

Oh my goodness! Fabulous pictures of miss Syd and hope your camera is AOK.


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