Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday thoughts...

1.  Henry and I...do you see Sydney just a teeny bit?

2.  Birthday party:  I am not against this party idea for first graders. I have known of first grade skate boarders. If the birthday boy has experience with skate boarding (and it sounds like he does from what Charley talks about) then he probably has some friends or neighbors that he does it with.   Personally, I would NEVER want to be in charge of other people's children in this situation without  knowing their experience level (so invite his skateboard buddies) or having some sort of waiver for parents to sign.    What puzzles me is randomly inviting kids who you have no idea of their experience.  Jessie,  you are right, it is easy to forget that what our kids know how to do is not always the case for other kids.  Maybe this is not even something that they will spend much time doing at the party.  I just can't imagine Charley doing the ramps and stuff.  He did get a skateboard this Christmas, but has spent more time carrying it proudly around or sitting on it and riding it down our driveway.  I guess for me, I just would not want to be in charge of other people's children in that setting.  And if I had put "*bring a skateboard"  I think I would have also asked for a helmet.  Luckily, we are busy for this party.  Otherwise, I know this is a special buddy of Charley's and I would have called and asked more questions or chosen to linger at the park with the rest of my tribe so that when Charley took a digger it wasn't for the birthday boy's mom to deal with. 

**This is also a time when I wonder if I am too conservative with what I allow my boys to do.  I see them at parks and in the neighborhood and I know they show restraint when it comes to trying some tricks.  They even will come and ask me if I think something is a good idea.  I usually turn the question back to them and see what they think. 

Ed's response to the birthday invite was ...let's take him over to the skate park and see what he does.  Ugh.  Even knowing daddy will be along makes me nervous.  I am a girl that never took too many risks with my body...except the time when I went rollerblading around our block without my pads and wiped out and had to be driven home by some random neighbor and still have scars on my legs from it. 

2.  The Tilapia recipe turned out good.  All three kids ate the fish but only Ed and I used the sauce on top.  Ed said I could make it again.

3.  Today I brought Sydney's push walker to the library and let her scoot around.  She got distracted by the kid computers and refused to do much walking after that point.  Frustrating.

4.  I am not a runner.  But I have been walking on the treadmill and trying to get a little run included in the cardio workout.  I can now run for 15 minute straight.  Kinda proud of that.  I know that isn't very long but for me it is.  

5.  I wore a baseball hat out this morning when we ran errands.  When I wear a hat with my short hair it just isn't a good thing.  Of course, I  see people I haven't seen in a while.  I am mentioning this because I just realized that Sydney is napping and I should take advantage and get my shower in for the day. 

6.   Anyone watch any of the "Game of Thrones" series.  Would I like it?  Ed is asking me to give it a go with him.

7.  I need to get my act together on Easter preparation.  Henry doesn't have school this week so I am not able to run E.B errands easily.  Maybe daddy wants to cover collecting the basket goodies this year.

8.  I actually turned in most of our library books on time today.  Only four were left at home and they renewed those.  Proud of myself.  How sad is that.

9.  Right now there are 5 bins or laundry baskets full of clothes or random crap that need to be put away.  The baskets had clothes that were folded but have now been dug in.  One bin has 5 grocery bags of crap that I found when cleaning out of my car 5 different times. 

10.  I am feeling like some popcorn.  Henry is asking for a crunchy snack.  So a shower and popcorn are most likely in our near future.

11.  Have a great Tuesday! 


The Tompkins Family said...

I definitely see Syd in that picture!! So cool! I wish I could find some pics of the girls where they look alike but no such luck.

Good for you on 15 minutes of running! Running is hard, no doubt about it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a long-time lurker and just have to respond to your question about Game of Thrones. My boyfriend and I just watched the entire first season in a week! It is an amazing show, the scenery is gorgeous. I have only read part of the first book but the show seems to be quite on par so far. The story is very dramatic, lots of action, but be forwarned, there is quite a lot of nudity. I'd give it a shot to see if you both like it, hopefully you will like it as much as we do

April Kaiser said...

I know I'm a little late from the post from yesterday about the skate park. I think I would let my son go but I would FOR SURE stay and make him wear his helmet and pads and bring lots of band aids! :) We are actually having his party this year at a BMX park where there is a race course with hills and some minor bumps. Do you think the moms will worry when I send that invite out! Ha ha!!!! I am just inviting a few of his good friends and I am making the parents stay for this one :)
Hey, did you buy the Bloom book from "Enjoying the Small Things"? When you blogged about her, I preordered it and it showed up on my iPad last night so started it. I think it's going to be good!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I always love it when the hubby says it's ok to make a recipe again. Makes you feel good about trying a new thing.


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