Wednesday, April 4, 2012

last week I was holding this little guy...

A week ago I was getting me a Hughie fix.
Remembering it fondly.
And looking forward to the next few weeks when they invade our territory for a few nights.

I have to say that my trip to my parents really instilled some confidence in venturing out with three.  We have left the house each day this week with little apprehension. 
I had fallen under the three is too much mindset and going on that road trip alone...eating at restaurants, stopping for potty stops, entertaining without our toys, bikes, and all made me really excited for summer.  I can do this.

Morning workout already accomplished.
 (bonus:  when I stepped out of the gym there was a beautiful sunrise).
ECFE class, hoping for an inspiring parent discussion and hoping Miss Syd plays in with the kids.
Cleaning up around here.
And getting a handle on the basket filling extravaganza coming up this weekend.


Kristen @ Motherese said...

Oh gosh, looking at that tiny baby makes my ovaries ache. :)

I'm so impressed by your spirit of adventure with three. I'm definitely not there yet, but am inspired by your example!

The Tompkins Family said...

I went and got Easter treats this morning. I believe it will be the last year I can do it with the girls in tow! Sadly I've already eaten a day's worth of calories and it's not even lunch time. Do you have any spare will power?!


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