Wednesday, April 4, 2012

finding your calm

At my Wednesday morning barbell class the cool down song has been this one lately.  And I love it.  Give it a listen.  

Today we talked about mindfulness again in the parenting discussion.  We talked about how to teach mindfulness to our children...teaching them to breathe and slow down.  We talked about how kids need a "reset" (the one dad in class shared how he has renamed the time out in his house and how it has changed things a lot in his house.  His children are learning to reset themselves with some quiet time in their room with books and they come out fresh).  We talked about how as adults we need to take this time whether it is three minutes or 10 to walk slow, or breathe, and not think about anything but that breath.  And many children would really benefit from learning how to slow down when life gets overwhelming and they can't manage those feelings. 

I have noticed that I don't meditate or take quiet time each day but since adding my morning time at the gym, I am a happier mama when my children come down the stairs in the morning. 

And the cool down song is so important to the workout - I make myself stay even though I kinda just want to scoot...many do... but, we stretch our muscles, let our heart rates come back down, and I am given a chance to think about the day ahead or just enjoy the song.  As I leave, my friend and I can agree that we are so glad to have accomplished all of this before the sun is often high in the sky. 

Being mindful of your spirit.  Taking time to recognize what soothes you and brings you back to your calm place - and then TAKING the time to teach your children how to find their calm is something that will make them such strong healthy people in the future.  Letting them see you find your calm is the first step.  We were given some good handouts and I am excited to read them and share any tips on how to engage my kiddos in mindfulness. 

Taking time to be mindful of our spirit keeps us healthy in our mind, emotions, and spirit..just like the cool down during a workout keeps our bodies stretched and not overwhelmed and hurting.

How do you find your calm? 

A candle, some music, sitting and reading, a walk, laying up and looking at the clouds...

Take a listen!  This one's for you Meghan because I know he is one of your favorites! 


Anonymous said...

I never heard this one make me jealous with y workouts and cool downs. It's about time I get my exercise goin....lmindfulness is a word I don't use a lot and need to start to. Rr

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

bar bell class eh? You go girl!

jessica said...

You know what is funny....I always want to giggle when I hear this song at the end of our workout. :) All sweaty and the first line is I want to watch you undress. :) I do love this song! I also love that I have a friend at class! Fun!

The Tompkins Family said...

I never stretch! I really should, it's a great time to reflect.


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