Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do you let yourself show herself?

"We're better mothers when we a have creative outlet, and children learn to pursue their own dreams by watching us pursue ours. Whether your dream is to paint, to write, to experiment in the kitchen, to run your own business or to pursue ministry of some sort, I firmly believe that you can have your cake and eat it too."

It's hard to find time for yourself when you are in the trenches of motherhood, especially when you have littler ones that need your eyes, ears, and constant attention.  As they get older, I see that they need your help with homework, guidance as they navigate their social world, and your driving abilities as they need a taxi cab driver.  And though, each season can be all consuming, I have realized that as a stay at home mom I need to challenge my mind, find little things that allow ME to still appear, and have an identity outside of my children.

I don't consider myself a big hobby person.  Some people sew, sport, collect, create, etc.  I haven't really ever felt like I could answer the question "What's your hobby?"  Years ago maybe shopping, reading, a little cooking or baking.  But nothing that I was very passionate about. 

In the last couple years I found blogging to be a hobby.  It gives me happiness, I feel a tad empty if I don't fit it in regularly.   I have learned along the way, stretched my mind, and gotten better at my craft. (link--according to my brother)    I wouldn't consider myself a writer...but according to my brother who is a writer and professor of writing...I think he would encourage me to consider myself a writer. (link --are you are a writer?  by my brother) 

I also have pushed myself to learn the art of photographing.  Here too I would have a hard time considering myself a photographer.   I still haven't figured out the right settings to consistently get the right picture fast...but yet, I have put lots of hours reading and learning.  I have taken classes and get compliments from time to time.

Recently, a friend asked me to take a knitting class and I really enjoyed it.  I found I couldn't put my needles down and even completed my first independent project, grandma's washcloth, using my grandma's knitting needles and yarn.  Can I call myself a knitter...I don't think so. 

My point, as parents I think it is so important to let parts of your inner self show a little. 
My boys were so excited to see my knitting each morning after my class.
My boys point out times when I could take a picture or blog about something they/we have done. 

 I find myself holding onto my children and sometimes worry that I hold them back.
I can tell I am the type of person to dread moving from one stage to the next.
My children are on loan to me.  And it is my job as their mother to work with their father to raise them so that their wings will take them places and I can sadly become more of a spectator. 
I know it will be easier to let them fly if I know who I am when it comes time for them to leap from our nest. 

Who are you?  What are your hobbies?  Or even better...what hobby are you interested in pursuing in the near future...why not start this week?


Raina and Andy said...

Great post! It really makes me reflect on myself and how I probably need that...I need something that helps define me or shows ME as someone other than just a mom. I'm so proud of you...working out is another thing that maybe you are not super passionate about as a who.e but makes you feel good doing something for you. I have lots of things. I would like to do, have as a hobby etc but now I just need to pursue them in a Way that works ( maybe after I get this life with 2 under control). Rr

jessica said...

Working out is something I love and it is just for me! It also allows me to enjoy good food and not feel bad. I also love to blog, need to fit that back into my life. I haven't been consistent for a long time.

shellycoulter said...

Love this!! Running and photography are definitely my me-time outlets. Adn they are so needed! I am so excited and scared to death to attempt a half-marathon in June! Matt and I were just talking last week about how much I am enjoying those two things...and how at the age of 29, I finally feel like I kind of know myself and feel a healthy dose of confidence and being okay with who I am. Been meaning to get those thoughts out on my blog. :) Haha! Happy day to you, friend!


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