Thursday, March 29, 2012

More adventures...

Today was another day that called for adventures. So we packed up to see our favorite girl cousin, Morgan. Today she turned three!  And boy has she turned into a three year old.
She seemed so TALL too me. 

When I told Henry it was her birthday he said, "she's just turning 1." I cleared that up by explaining she was turning 3 and pointed out that she was catching him and he better keep eating his veggies.
We used our Minnesota children's museum membership to get into a pretty cool museum in Illinois. Syd enjoyed the baby nursery exhibit.

The grocery store exhibit was the best one I've seen. The cashier scanner even beeped.

It was a fun morning at the museum followed by a yummy lunch.  At lunch Morgan and Sydney played peek a boo.

Ed's brother asked me when I was heading home. I shrugged my shoulders and responded, "not sure." He laughed. I am loving this adventure and the freedom of not having any strict timeline. And if they didn't have other company coming into town they might have found us following them home.
Our adventure is coming to an end. I am sure my parents will sigh as we pull out of their drive way...a little relief and a little sadness. But tomorrow is another day of hanging out with my sister and her crew. Blessed. And I am looking forward to returning home rejuvenated to be back to our routine. Being away always makes me appreciate home. 
And of course, Facetime with daddy tonight made both the kids and me miss him even more.  

**Our bonus adventure today happened because the GPS had us driving right past my great Aunt and Great Uncle's house.  So on the way home we popped in for a 15 minute visit.  My Great Uncle Ed...also known as the kids GREAT GREAT Uncle Ed is known for his toys.  And today they showcased their massive 3D TV.  We all had to wear glasses and wouldn't you know the show that was on...gave the boys their first look at how baby cows are born.  I was fearful of what the conversation would be on the rest of our journey home...but I am thinking the whole 3D thing overshadowed what they were actually watching.  

Good night, friends!  

What do you GET TO DO this fabulous Friday in March?

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