Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have loved my time this visit. I got to meet my sister this morning at an indoor play area near her house. It was like going with a neighbor friend, no big deal...just a playdate outing ----but with my SISTER! And that makes it incredible.

I should be able to go a month or two without seeing my sister but luckily she is coming to my neck of the woods in the next month.  BONUS!

Syd did the slide pretty well this time.
Love how she is looking at her Aunt Raina in the picture below.

But mostly she practiced walking. 
She steamrolled her push toy around and kept up with the rest of them!

The boys mastered the slides...after shouting "go away monsters" before thrusting themselves down the speedy deep tube slides. You could here Eli yelling "Hey cousins! Where are you?"  It was great.

This visit has also been laid back with nice enough weather that all three kids have enjoyed the nearby park. Syd loves to swing.

Below is my crew from a far. Obviously Henry's head didn't like hitting the pole.

But Syd was in heaven when her big brothers stopped playing and
 gave her the thrill of some big brother pushes.

It has been pretty perfect. I keep prolonging our departure. The entire trip has been filled with last minute get togethers and outings. I have seen my sister everyday in the last week...except Tuesday. And tomorrow holds the potential to see more people we love. But it means pushing our travel and nap limits and remembering that life's too short not to go for it.
Only 940 Thursdays in childhood. Let's make this Thursday extra special.

Because when we return home things like reading with grandpa just happen naturally. The boys crash. And I am refreshed for another day away from home.


The Tompkins Family said...

The picture of Syd's legs in the swing? Absolutely perfection!

jessica said...

Great pictures Sarah! So glad you are having such a great time.


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