Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If you are home today with your's your plan for the day...

Here are a couple things you might consider doing to fill your day...

Snack: peanut butter on apples...always delicious and take it outside!  Put a couple chocolate chips on each peanut butter covered apple if they hesitate. 

Learning: This idea is super cute and you could change it up in so many ways.   But you could do this with the pipe cleaners and buttons like it mentions in the post. Or you could do beads or noodles or cheerios or anything.  Last week Henry wanted to make Grandma a bracelet with beads...not sure if he actually gave it to her. But pipe cleaner with beads is an easy way to create a bracelet...and adding the counting element first would be easy enough. 

 OR If it is going to be amazingly beautiful in your neck of the ours...then get out the chalk and write your child's name, over and over and over.  All over the driveway.  Then call out letters and have them find the letter you call out and hop on it.  Then have them call out the letters and you hop on the letters and have them decide if you are right or wrong.

Lunch:  Pull out your muffin tins and fill them up with your child's lunch foods.  Cereal, mac and cheese, cheese squares, grapes, whatever....for some reason, it is WAY more fun when the food is presented like this.  Hide an M & M at the bottom of one of the little cups for them to find.

Helping around the House:  Dump your laundry that you need to fold in one HUGE pile so it is kind of funny to your child.  Maybe even bury them in it for a few fun rounds of laundry monster.  THEN, set up various laundry baskets with a name written on each basket or a picture (if your child isn't reading names yet).  Have them shoot baskets to sort the clothes.  Race to see who's basket fills first. 

NOT so nice outside today?:  Take a toy that they haven't touched in a while and move it to a new room.  Or change your location up.  If you normally play on the main level...go up and play in their bedroom for a bit.  A new location can energize new toys and play. 


Raina and Andy said...

Love this post. Can you post it everyday with new ideas? Please and thank you. Wink! Rr

jessica said...

Yes, love the ideas....but I didn't see Nap! : )


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