Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Ed clarified with me that yesterday I wrote that "he loves it" when I mentioned the show Downton Abbey. He and I are enjoying it. But he wanted to be clear that he does not LOVE it.

Of course he wanted to also clarify that he may not LOVE the show but he does LOVE me. Hahaha, he never said that.

Whenever I spend more time with him, I have a harder time leaving him a lone when he is at work. I try really hard not to pester or bug him. I know he is busy. But I just love checking in.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, cracking open your windows, maybe even wearing flip flops...isn't it hard to see your toes for the first time...toes, ankles, always takes me some time to get used to.  Don't forget your sunblock.    


Raina and Andy said...

I was wondering when Ed would leave a comment on your blog. Haha. I guess he leaves it through you...rr

Raina and Andy said...

Ps I just put on flip flops!


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