Tuesday, March 13, 2012

let's chat....

If we were to get together and sit across from each other at my kitchen table and enjoy a coffee or a diet coke or a glass of water.  OR if we were to meet at the park and stand and sway back and forth (because once a mama of an infant, always a mama of an infant)....

These are the random things I might blab about....

-Last night we walked to get Charley from school and he got dropped off before we got to the end of our driveway.  But he threw down his backpack and grabbed the little push car that I was pushing Sydney in and all four of us walked our street.  As we walked I threw this idea out:

"I'll pay you each $3.00 if you would let me cut your hair."  I have never cut their hair, but I have been told by many that I could do the buzz thing with Ed's razor.   Neither boy was about to jump on the deal.  I got up to $5.00 which is still WAY cheaper than going to a barber.  Charley nibbled.  So we raced home, I had them meet me on the deck and we gave it a try.  Let's just say....15 minutes later we were loaded into the van and walking into the local hair place.   I wonder if they will ever let me attempt it again...when they have less hair to get through.  There was no money saved...I did manage to get out of the $5.00 I still owed Charley by giving them each the next Magic Treehouse books they love. 

-The weather is beautiful here.  So much so that I already am feeling the stress and guilt when we aren't outside.  I am vowing that my goal is always to get the kids out there as much as possible.  However, I HATE when it becomes this expectation that I put on myself that if the temps are nice and the sun is out - we should be outside.  This spring and summer we will savor the fresh air, but I am not going to let it become something that makes me feel like a failure if we decide to spend most of the day building Lego's, baking cookies, and even watching a cartoon.

-Miss Sydney needs to learn to walk now.  I didn't think I would say it, but today we stopped at a park and in order for her to roam and enjoy, especially this mucky and muddy season...she needs to be on her two feet.  I am not the mama who relaxes enough to plop her down and let her crawl at this time.  So we will keep practicing. 

-Ed and I are LOVING the series Downton Abbey.  It is Masterpiece Theater series that I would never pick on my own.  But I LOVE it.  He loves it.  And we are so lucky that my friend Paula had season two on DVD right when we finished season one on instant Netflix. 

-I have windows open today.  LOVE it.

-I haven't been to the gym in over a week, don't get me wrong, I had amazing walks on the beach in Florida, but with the time change the 5:30am class this week feels like 4:30.  Just not happening.  But last week I ate out for at least 2 meals, if not three, each day we were on vacation.  That's a lot more food intake...and the food was balanced with plenty of fru fru drinks.

-  How about this for a funny little thing.  My friend had this magazine laying at her house and her son thought that was me!  My family has a thing about discussing what celebrity you look like and this one came up but no one totally agreed.  But in Florida a gal came up and said,  "You know who you look like?  Ginnifer Goodwin.  It's your hair. Wow!"  I laughed and told her that I actually took a picture of Ginnifer to my salon to get a similar cut at one point.  She kept looking at me while I was sitting in the lobby waiting for Ed.  I wonder if she really thought it was me!?  Hahaha!

-Henry went to a friends to play today.  I could have had the 2-3 hour chunk to myself since Sydney is napping once a day now.  But of course, today is the day she won't nap at all.  What does that mean for Charley's conference tonight?

-Well, she is calling.  I best get my rump up there and give that girl a big old mama smile.  She has finally looking at me like her mama again.  Sunday night she was very leery and Monday too. 


The Tompkins Family said...

I would tell you what I've been obsessed with today. Cutting my hair. Not as short as you but a departure for me...shoulder or chin length. I am so worried that I won't like it. Or that I will look older. Or that I will feel frumpy.

Theresa said...

You totally DO look like her!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Must see photos of the boys haircuts!!!

Raina and Andy said...

I want to cut my hair like that and look as good as you. Seriously.... Rr

Crystal said...

Have always thought you could be Ginnifer Goodwin's twin - now you know who can use for your profile photo the next time the Facebook craze changes to Doppengangler Week (I am sure I spelled that wrong). Who starts those crazy Facebook crazes anyway?!


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