Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Morning Thursday.

Good Morning Folks.
Blogging has been tough lately.
Routines have been off.
Ed has been gone and here more or less than usual.
Late start due to snow made our extra 24 hours (leap day) yesterday even more of a gift.

The boys are healthy again.
Sydney is on the mend. 
She is sleeping through the night again.
But her nose is a faucet and she still has really clingy moments during the day.

The gym is my escape again.
It is really hard to stay motivated when you loose the routine.
But I have to keep going.
I just really hope that I see some impact of this new addition to my life.
Yes, more energy.  Felt that.  Yes, happier with the escape it gives me...even though when I escape it is at 5:30 am and our neighborhood is all asleep.  And today when I returned everyone in our house was STILL asleep. 

It has me eating breakfast.
It has me drinking water.

Ed and I watched the first episode of Downton Abby last night.
We'll give another episode a try.  I wasn't hooked...but I was also having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  He liked it enough to ask if I wanted to watch a second episode.  So yippee.

My sister is conquering her first days, on her own, as a mama of two.
Ed's dad is recovering and doing well.
My parents are floating and drinking and soaking up the Mexican sunshine and friends.
My heart is at peace knowing all is as it should be.

My brother is coming to help my mom while Ed and I jet off to the sunshine state of Florida.
He is gathering his bag of Cheerios in the toilet is a sure fire way to potty train a boy. 
I love getting his emails with "research" he has come across in all areas of life.

Today we all scooted out to Henry's preschool conference.
Ed and I delighted in hearing his teacher share how much he has grown. 
His teacher is the perfect preschool teacher.  Her voice, her mannerisms just give off this soft and kind preschool teacher personality that has you wanting to join her class and sit in the circle and sing happy songs like "I'm a little tea pot." and nibble golfish crackers all morning.   We are lucky to have had the perfect match for our tender son.  Who we heard can get a little silly at school. 

In a bit I will wake my little Sweety Pete...I have no idea why I call Syd this but it has become a regular thing.  And the three of us will go meet our hip and happening pregnant friend Katie.  Enjoy some lunch and this mama gets a haircut.  Why is it, that the day you are supposed to get your haircut you get a bunch of compliments on your hair?  I am in a predicament.  I am verging on growing my hair out, kinda exciting.  But waking up to work out with the length I have is AWFUL.  There is no pony tail option, no headband option, I just look like a train wreck.  So the question, do I butch it again for the simplicity.  Or do I say "Who cares if I look like a train wreck on the days when I don't have time to do it."  because growing out short hair means you hit a stage where you have to make BIG efforts to get it to do things. 

Alrighty,  time to wake the sleeper. 
Time to have an adventure.
Something we haven't done in over two weeks.
This mama is craving time with friends. 
This mama is craving errand running.
This mama is craving normalcy.
This mama is craving more blogging time.

Updates...let me have them!?  I need some motivation to get back in the swing here.


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

So did you cut it or grow it out some more? I love your hair short, I have said that before I know.
Had been wondering how you were doing?
It's funny how nicknames just stick, I have one for Maddy, and like you I have no idea where it came from but its been here since she was little.
Excited that the weekend starts now for us. I am ready to just hang out, maybe even take a field trip tomorrow, we will see what the day brings.

Barb said...

I absolutely love you in short hair and think you look fresh and vivacious, in person and in photos too. Change is exhilarating, but mom here is "just sayin' " .


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