Monday, February 27, 2012


These are for Grandma Charlie.
She had a big day.
Hope these make her smile.
Hugs to all...especially to Grandpa Ed.


The Tompkins Family said...

I so love the baby bum dimples!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

cute. I still love the giant rubber ducky. How does Sid do with bathtime? Emma HATES it! She screams bloody murder the entire time. I don't know why. My other two never had this problem. They've always loved the water. She's fine if I am in the water with her holding her but if I sit her in the tub and kneel over the side she doesn't want anything to do with it.

Raina and Andy said...

You got smiles from us too!

Danifred said...

Oh the cuteness! I love the color one.

Barb said...

Love these photos to the max!!!


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